Go To The Doctor? NEVER.


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

I warned you about this years ago folks.

In fact I’ve been raising Hell about this for more than two decades now.

Amazon Web Services, IBM and Microsoft are among the big tech companies to make deals with hospitals and health systems to analyze patients’ medical records in order to develop new solutions, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft signed an agreement with Renton, Wash.-based Providence St. Joseph Health, which records around 20 million patient visits annually. The medical records being shared with Microsoft have not been stripped of personally identifiable information. While Providence St. Joseph Health originally said that information shared with Microsoft would be deidentified, health system CIO said that was not possible. Microsoft is using the patient data and physician notes to develop cancer algorithms.

This is not illegal under current law — including HIPAA.

Health providers can “share” data with “partners” without your explicit authorization and in fact there is no mechanism under the law for you to prohibit that.

Except not to let anyone have any health data, ever.

Which means never going to a doctor or hospital, save once — when you’re about to die.

You, America, asked for this.

You in fact begged for it.

You cheered on Black {Fake} Jesus, better known as Black Devil-Faced Bastard, Barack Obama, along with Nancy Pelosi and the entire rest of Congress, including but not limited to the Republicans and now our current President Trump, exactly none of whom have done a ******ned thing to put a stop to this crap.

This is allegedly for “cancer algorithms.”  Uh huh.  Sure it is — it’s just about cancer, see.

Uh, no it isn’t and it’s not limited to Microsoft either.

Every single health record is going to wind up in these systems.  All of them.  And they will be used against you.  There is nothing in the law to prevent that.

Got an elevated A1c?  Is your blood pressure out of range?  What’s your height and weight?  Have blood work done as part of a physical?  Indeed, anything else at all you might have or do?  Call the doc and ask him or her a question?

Do you have an existing chronic condition?

All of this is no longer your data, it’s theirs and yes, this will extend to your dental office (if it hasn’t already) as well.

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