Demand For “Prepper Properties” Is Soaring As More People Seek Refuge From The Nightmare That Is Coming To America


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

In 2017 and 2018, most Americans were generally feeling pretty good about the future, and interest in “prepping” plummeted nationwide.  But now things have changed.  All of a sudden, demand for “prepper properties” is absolutely soaring, and this is driving up the prices of rural homes all over the nation.  In fact, in some of the hottest areas working class families have already been completely priced out of the market.  Meanwhile, luxury home prices in the heart of New York City have fallen to the lowest level in six years.  Many are deeply concerned about the upcoming election, and many others are alarmed by all the other crazy stuff happening all over the world, but whatever the motivation it is undeniable that an increasing number of Americans are seeking to flee the major cities right now.   There seems to be a growing consensus that our society is rapidly steamrolling toward a nightmare, and a lot of people are purchasing “prepper properties” while they still can.

I knew that conditions were shifting, but I was stunned when I saw that even had posted an article about this growing trend…

But today, Americans en masse are again preparing for the worst—and Communists are just about the only thing not on their list. What is? Terrorist attacks, a total economic collapse, perhaps even zombie invasions. Or maybe just a complete societal breakdown after this November’s scorched-Earth presidential election.

And Reuters just posted an article in which they discussed the fact that preppers have “boosted rural land values” in property markets all across the nation…

Whichever camp, realtors say the new dropouts are not “crackpots” and often include affluent professionals whose run for the hills has boosted rural land values and started to change their property market.

“I’ve had hedge-fund managers and billionaires that have made purchases, and they all have concerns about the direction of the economy and social stability,” said John E. Haynes, president of Retreat Realty in North Carolina.

That same Reuters article identified “Idaho, Montana and Wyoming” as three of the states with the hottest property markets.  It has gotten to the point where even some of the biggest celebrities in the country are very eager to grab a slice of rural life.  For example, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian just purchased a second extremely large ranch in Wyoming.

But mostly this trend is being driven by preppers, survivalists and those that want to own an “off-grid property”.  The following comes from a recent NPR article

Welcome to the world of sustainable, survivalist real estate. There’s a growing market for this kind of off-grid property. Mondale figures over the past six to eight years, sales of these survivalist properties have risen by 50 percent.

“It seems like over the past few years, there’s just this need, I don’t want to say panic or frantic, but people feeling the need to be able to have someplace to go,” Mondale says.

Real estate agent Theresa Mondale has been in this game for a very long time, and she has never seen the market as hot as it is right now.

In fact, some of the prepper properties that she has listed sell for more than a million dollars

Despite the remoteness of these homes, they’re not backwoods shacks with sagging metal roofs. Some of her listings sell for more than $1 million if there’s a lot of land and if water rights are included. The one with the helicopter pad is a spiffy, two-story log home with a wraparound porch. It has solar panels and inside, a backup generator, luxury bathrooms and a kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Over in Idaho, real estate agent Todd Savage has also noticed a huge surge in interest in prepper properties.  He told that his sales are up 50 percent compared to a year ago…

For example, sales at American Redoubt Realty, a real estate firm nestled in the heart of prepper country in northern Idaho, are up 50% over the same time last year, says real estate agent Todd Savage, who specializes in such transactions. His clients typically hail from Texas and California.

As we approach the 2020 election, demand is going to continue to surge, and prices are only going to go higher.

And if great chaos breaks out during the aftermath of the election, that will drive prices into the stratosphere.

We live at a time when our nation is very deeply divided, but at the same time people from all walks of life are extremely concerned about where our society is heading.

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