Bernie Sanders Staffer Suggesting Gulags For Conservatives Gives Americans Another Reason To NEVER Give Up Their Guns With Democrats Drooling Like Pavlovian Dogs


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

While the left take their latest ‘self-congratulatory victory lap’ for having ‘impeached’ President Trump with ABC going so far as to report that Nancy Pelosi has ‘put the Republican party on warning’ with ‘crazy Nancy’ claiming that ‘a stain’ has been left upon President Trump ‘forever’, what happens over the next few weeks as this ‘charade’ moves from the House of Representatives to the Senate will help to define 2020, in one way or another.

With America’s first real look at the 2020 election in Iowa now only 3 weeks away and Democrat candidates still stumbling and bumbling along the campaign trail with no Democrat in sight looking like they have what it takes to be America’s Commander-in-Chief, the differences between what the msm has been reporting recently and what the independent news media has been reporting sound like the difference between night and day and for good reason as we’ll explore within this ANP story.

And now, with a Bernie Sanders staffer suggesting that President Trump supporters may need to be put into gulags to be ‘re-educated’ as Breitbart reports in this new story, with that staffer, Kyle Jurek, also suggesting that American cities will burn if President Trump is re-elected in November, Americans all across the country serve their families and loved ones best by preparing for the hell Democrats are about to unleash upon America as Susan Duclos had reported in this January 11th ANP story.

As the American Thinker reported in this must read January 11th story, President Trump has been masterfully using the Democrats resistance/opposition to him to expose who they really are, training them like Pavlovian dogs to give the desired reaction that President Trump wants, and whether that be outright showing their support for a terrorist or showing their hatred of America, anything at all that President Trump does, the leftists condemn him for, even when it’s good for America. From the American Thinker story.

It took the American mass disinformation media and the  Democrats socialists communists three years of Trump’s presidency to finally develop a coherent policy of confronting Trump.

This policy is very primitive: everything that Trump does is denied, rejected, and negated. Everything. As a result, the opposition’s reaction began to resemble the reaction of Pavlovian dogs — any statement by Trump, any action by Trump, and any achievement of Trump can cause only one thing — salivation of total negation.

However, the complete and unconditional denial of everything makes the Democrats predictable and, as a result, vulnerable and easily amenable to manipulation and provocation.

The White House probably noticed this a long time ago, and it will certainly take advantage of the thoughtless but predictable denial by the Democrats of absolutely everything for their political purposes.

With President Trump just trolling Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer by retweeting a picture showing the two of them dressed in Muslim garb with an Iran flag behind them and the words Democrats 2020 below them signaling to us the direction he’ll be taking as the 2020 election year gets in full swing, casting the Democrats as outsiders who hate America, 2020 is setting up to be one of the most important years of our lifetimes.

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As the American Thinker story then goes on to report, the Democrats reactions have been particularly strong on ‘war’ but completely contradictory, with the left turning into war hawks when President Trump made it clear he wasn’t going to continue the globalists agenda by continuing war in Syria while they turned into ‘doves’ on Iran, screaming that President Trump must leave Iran alone.

Also demanding that monuments that preserve Iran’s heritage be left alone, those same lefties have long been calling for the destruction of Civil War era Confederate monuments here in America, thus proving to America and the world what utter hypocrites they are. Once again, from the American Thinker story.

What does the predictable reaction of the Democrats look like? For example, Trump makes it clear that he is not going to fight in Syria anymore, and without exception, all Democrats immediately become militant hawks, who categorically demand a continuation of the war. If Trump trolls the Iranian regime by threatening to attack Iranian objects, including cultural objects, all Democrats, without exception, immediately become peace doves and demand “hands off Iran!”

The irony here is that the very opponents of Trump, who advocate for “preserving the Iranian cultural heritage,” are calling for the destruction of Confederate historical monuments in America.

No doubt, all this (D)egenerative nonsense will be beneficial to Trump during his re-election campaign.

Many TV channels associated with the DNC broadcasted detailed, multi-hour reports on the funeral of the handful of dust that remained from General Soleimani as if it were the funeral of some outstanding American politician. The NBC, MSNBC, and NPR channels, as if by magic, turned into Shiite propaganda channels. At the same time, former Obama administration officials continue to meet with Iranian leaders, trying to undermine President Trump’s policy toward Iran.

If former secretary of state John Kerry had been in the car with the Butcher of the Middle East, Soleimani, no one in the world would be surprised. No one.


With Congress’s current approval rating at a whopping 27%, meaning 73% of Americans disapprove of the job they are doing, while President Trump’s approval rating nationally of 49% shows he’s almost twice as popular as Congress in this day and age of rage, as the American Thinker story points out in their next section, Democrats outright and blatant hatred of President Trump is only echoed by their hatred of America.

Though seemingly ‘invisible’ to those not paying close attention, those who continually scream insanely for Conservatives to ‘accept’ illegal immigration or the mass murders of unborn children in America or for Americans to ‘accept’ having no way to defend ourselves against criminals or corrupt government are the most hateful and evil of all as we’ll explore below in the closing of this story. First, from the American Thinker story.

The result of the anti-American actions of the Democrats is, at first glance, invisible but, nevertheless, the constant erosion of their reputation. For example, a complete rejection of the administration’s recent actions forced the Democrats to openly defend the terrorist Soleimani and offer a significant defense, not just words.

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