As World’s First Ebola Vaccine Is Released, Reported To Be 100% Effective, Remember This: EVERYTHING The Globalists Touch Leads To ‘Depopulation’!


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

ANP recently received an email from a concerned reader who works at a hospital here in the US and who asked us if we’ve been hearing any news about a nasty gastrointestinal bug that has been going around since late November or December, hospitalizing many including the young and the elderly, and sure enough, a google search for ‘gastrointestinal bug’ over the past month brings up a countless number of stories about ‘something nasty’ now going around in the US.

With ‘flu season’ also now in full swing and this story at The Patch in Hollywood, California reporting 16 new California deaths from the latest ‘outbreak’, bringing the number of flu deaths to 70 across the state as of January 11th, doctors in Texas have begun exploring how ‘humidity’ might lead to the spread of viruses with the state of Texas also now hit by a record flu outbreak themselves according to this new story from KXAN in Austin, Texas.

Reporting that research recently done by Harvard University doctors had determined that lower humidity, common during winter months, allowed viruses to spread more easily because the change in air moisture may reduce the ability of our immune systems to fight back, we’ll also be taking a look within this story at a new report that has thrilled the globalists, the world’s 1st ‘Ebola vaccine’ has been released, as well as opening our comment section up to your suggestions on how to keep ourselves optimally healthy, naturally without big pharma poisons, during the winter with something nasty going around in America.

We’ll also be taking a look at a series of excellent, eye-opening comments recently left by ANP reader ‘Falcon 101’ on two different ANP stories which help to sum up ‘the mood of the moment’ and why we should all be getting ourselves physically healthy and prepared for whatever may be ahead for us.

So first off, this comment from ‘Falcon 101’ on this January 10th ANP by Dr. Don Boys titled “A Brutal History Lesson Every American Should Know: This Tried & True Failure Leading To Starvation, Misery, Death & Destruction Is One Election Away From Being Forced Upon America”.:

EVERYTHING leads to Depopulation! All the Recalls on food, Poison Vaccines, Contaminated food and water, Chemtrails, Drought, Weather Modification, War, Disease (human & animal), False Flag Shootings, Illegal Immigration, Poorly Built Automobiles, Pathetic Education Systems, Cell Phones & their Radiation emissions, 5G/6G, SSRI’s and tons of other things but the common goal here is to reduce the population.

While someone who hasn’t been paying close attention might call Falcon’s comment a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, we’ve been reporting upon nearly all the things mentioned over the past several years and the website ‘Deagel’s forecast for 2025 America sees the ‘depopulation agenda’ spelled out fully before us with America’s forecast population for 2025 still only 100 million people, down from the 327 million of 2017.

Yet another comment from ‘Falcon’ on this January 11th ANP story titled “MSNBC Terrorizing Americans Proves They Are ‘The Enemy Of The American People’: The MSM Pushing Iranian State Propaganda Could Be Considered Treason” helps explain what might be ahead for America with the globalists desperate.

The controllers are desperate! They thought they had the NWO in the bag and Hillary was going to be the leader when it all went bad, they freaked out and the only way to get back on track was to get rid of Trump and, now that seems to be failing as well causing another massive freak out by the deep state criminals which could result in a desperate move by the deep state because they should have done many things by having Hillary as leader and this puts them years behind in accomplishing their goals. I expect something extreme to happen in the biological area that will justify the UN to take over and get the Deep State back on track. If you’re not a prepper, you may want to become one very soon. Stay away from crowds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And while we’ll take a look at two more comments from ‘Falcon’ below, we’ll also be taking a look at how we can prepare to weather any storm that might be coming our way, and doing it ‘the old fashioned way’.

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According to this January 11th story over at, the FDA has just announced the release of the world’s first ever Ebola vaccine. Dubbed a ‘milestone for public health’, studies have shown that this vaccine has shown a 100% prevention rate though as anyone paying attention to history knows, when something sounds too good to be true, its usually not.

As Mike Adams reported in this January 7th story over at Natural News, as we enter the 2020’s, ‘humanity is now catastrophically stupid’ and seemingly on a ‘global suicide mission’ with the globalists continually pushing the ‘humans bad’ theme while pushing to ‘eliminate’ us from the planet. Might this new ebola vaccine be a way to do such a thing?

Reporting within his story that as civilization continues its acceleration towards runaway insanity, we’re being told the answer to all of this is simply ‘more insanity’, more big pharma poisons, more corrupt big government, more men turning into women and vice versa and outright infanticide, Adams certainly has a way with words as we’ll explore in this excerpt from his story below.

If you put a few mice in a large box with plenty of food and water, they will multiply until the box becomes overcrowded and filled with feces. When the food runs out, the mice start killing and eating each other until the entire population collapses and dies.

Today in San Francisco, humans are sh###ing in the streets. Leftists are celebrating the coordinated mass murder of human babies, both the unborn and already born. All across America, parents are permanently maiming their children’s genitalia in the name of “transgenderism.” Drug use and suicides are skyrocketing, and today’s youth are almost universally miserable, even as they virtue signal and pretend to be winning on social media.

Even as human civilization is accelerating toward runaway insanity and self destruction, we are told the answer to all this is more insanity: Take some pharmaceuticals, vote for bigger government, criminalize self-defense, pretend men can be women, celebrate infanticide, and so on. These ideas smack of the mice in the box saying, “Hey, let’s eat each other to death!”

And as ‘Falcon’ mentioned in the next two comments we’ll explore here, everything happening now keeps us right on track for the globalists to regain their own agenda, with ‘death being rained down upon us from above’ and the globalists now desperate.

I don’t think people understand just how easy it would be to kill thousands from the air. That fact is why chemical weapons were banned in war because death comes quickly from airborne agents, but, that doesn’t mean they have actually stopped doing it to their own people in “Stages”.

Think about this, they’ve been spraying the world with crap from the skies for thirty plus years filling the soil and your bodies with toxic heavy metals along with other crap we don’t know of and when you combine all the crap they’ve been forcing on us all these years, all it takes is another “Trigger” chemical to set it all in motion and literally transform all mankind into whatever they desire whether it be zombies or another maniacal beast they can control or kill at their behest.  

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