ANALYSIS: Virginia Gov. Northam may soon need ten thousand body bags for his State Police and National Guard troops, since “Biblical MAYHEM” will be unleashed following any gun confiscation attempt


from Government Slaves:

If Virginia’s child-murdering Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam wants to get a head start on the civil war he’s unleashing in his own state, he had better order around 10,000 body bags for the Virginia State Police and Virginia National Guard troops he will condemn to die in a state-wide civil war, concludes an analysis from several authors, including writer Matt Bracken.

“…there will be armed resistance,” warns Bracken in his excellent analysis article. “If and when widespread gun confiscation begins, even under the cover of so-called “red flag” laws, or following the refusal of Virginians to comply with gun registration mandates, there will be a civil war.”

Any effort to transform hundreds of thousands of Virginians into instant “paper felons” by criminalizing all the guns they’ve legally purchased over the years will end in disaster for Virginia Democrats and any law enforcement officials who are foolish enough to go along with the Democrats’ tyranny. As Bracken states, law enforcement convoys will be targeted as they attempt to carry out gun confiscation missions:

The geography and topography of much of Virginia means that convoys of police cars and SUVs on gun confiscation missions will be forced to travel through labyrinthine terrain on their way to and from their objectives.

In addition, there are not enough law enforcement helicopters in Virginia to protect these hypothetical columns of police cars and SUVs heading out to confiscate weapons that were perfectly legal for Virginians to own until now. The day that state LE helicopters are used to support gun raids, these helicopters, their bases and their supporting elements will become targets.

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There are around 7500 members of the Virginia National Guard, according to Bracken, and 2,100 members of the Virginia State Police. Both groups are extremely lacking in ammunition, and many of the personnel are administrative or support personnel. The actual number of armed, trained and physically fit members of the National Guard and State Police who could even attempt to conduct armed raids against the citizens of Virginia is probably no more than a few hundred in total.

“Other than a handful of MPs, none have training for this process. Even if you squint hard at qualifications and add a few others, the actual number of troops qualified to do this is a few HUNDRED at most,” writes Michael Z. Williamson on his blog site. “The National Guard does not keep ammo on hand in any relevant quantities.  A small amount for training is it.”

“To put the maximum numbers of hypothetically available gun confiscators into perspective, remember that Virginia has a population of 8.5 million people spread over 43,000 square miles,” writes Bracken:

But just for the sake of discussion, let’s assume that Northam attempted to enforce his gun confiscation and/or mandatory registration laws, and an armed resistance began. How have previous modern insurgencies fared against government forces? Please consider that from the 1980s until today, the full might of the Soviet and later the U.S. military has not been able to subdue a few thousand rag-tag Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, not even when the counter-insurgency troops were operating from secure fire bases located far away from their homes and families. During a civil war in Virginia, the homes and families of the gun confiscators will be scattered among those whose guns they will be tasked with confiscating. Not a pretty picture to contemplate, particularly in an era when doxing can readily be used as a weapon to identify and “out” perceived enemies. And if resistors are afraid to post the information on the internet, just picture leaflets scattered around a neighborhood identifying the gun confiscators. This would happen. Count on it.

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