America Needs No British Regime-Change in Iran, but Middle East Peace and Economic Reconstruction


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

With both Russia and China now trying to intervene with truces and reconstruction projects in Southwest Asia and North Africa, the most urgent need is for an emergency summit of Presidents Donald Trump, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin to guarantee stability and provide economic development credit to that broad region.

Let this summit take place quickly now while the majority of Americans who support their President want peace, and think with Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, “This will be the time to come home. The Iraqi government, the democratically elected government, wants us to come home. We should come home.” Let this summit be held so that agreements can be made and investments unleashed to set the construction machines in motion in the countries in which Americans have been at war nearly 20 years.

Join the Schiller Institute’s Day of Action Jan. 15, here and around the world, to support the call for this emergency summit of the three powers, issued by Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche on Jan. 7.

President Donald Trump said, “We don’t need the oil” from those countries, the United States is the leading oil producer in the world. Who is running the dogs of war, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Lindsey Graham, et al. who have convinced him the United States must “keep the oil” there, “keep the bases”?

Beware the ugly head of “regime change” rearing again over Iran and Iraq; it is the British Empire game of geopolitics. In 1999 British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced at the Chicago World Affairs Council that regime-change would now be “Anglo-American” policy; all through the 16 years of Dick Cheney and Barack Obama it was, while U.S. soldiers died, young veterans came home maimed and in shock from years of fighting without a front, and drug and alcohol addictions soared, and suicide rates climbed. Sixty-five years ago, when the British organized a coup to overthrow Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh because he had nationalized their Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, they asked the CIA to help them out at the last stage of the coup. And the CIA provided the British a lot of “demonstration money” which put them over the top, and let them drive out Prime Minister Mossadegh. Ever since then, for 65 years, it has been called an American coup in Iran!

Now the British Ambassador in Iran is involved in starting “vigils” which become protest demonstrations supposedly calling for overthrow of the government—and are promoted in the lead stories of all the European and U.S. media.

Defeated in trying regime-change chaos in Syria; defeated in triggering an escalation between America and Iran in recent days; the war party is escalating again now.

President Trump was elected in part because Americans wanted to end regime change, end the perpetual wars. Who is controlling the dogs of war who surround his administration? The British Ambassador Sir (now Lord) Kim Darroch said—in secret cables—“We British run them; we are ‘flooding the zone’ around Trump.”

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