America First? No: Billions First, Americans Never


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Now we get a bit of truth out of this entire mess over in Pensacola NAS.

Of course we had Jihadi Joe go on a shoot-em-up and the night before he had a little party where he showed all sorts of jihadi videos and such — documenting terrorism.

Not one of his classmates and others who were there said one word to NAS personnel.  If they had the attack probably wouldn’t have happened, seeing as they would have raided his place, found his gun, and then the questions would have started.

But nope.

Remember, The Saudis are our friends and are more important than Americansseveral of whom are dead.

Then, after the fact, the Navy conducts an investigation (as the government always does — after the bad thing happens.)  And what do they find?  

The Trump administration is planning to announce on Monday that more than 20 Saudi students receiving military training in the United States will be sent back to their home country, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

Just….. expelled.

Why are they being expelled?

Well, the video party for one.  Isn’t that material aid and comfort?

Then there’s another great characteristic: Several of them were viewing child porn, which may I remind you is a felony.

And then we’re doing material aid and comfort again with the chat room stuff.

Only the last is, perhaps, not a criminal offense.  It might be or it might not be, but that one we can argue over and I’m sure some will say there’s no “duty” to report that your classmate is playing jihadi videos at a party he organizes.  I don’t know about that one.

But the kiddie porn isn’t on the list of “maybes.”

In Saudi Arabia, news of the expulsions is expected to be greeted as unwelcome news, according to Daniel Byman, a Middle East expert and professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

“They don’t like public embarrassment. So having have these individuals be expelled, having it make the news, is not something the Saudi regime wants,” Byman said.

Expulsion.  Not indictment, not imprisonment after a nice trial, nope.

Top military officials view the programs as a way to boost relationships with foreign militaries and to increase the sharing of intelligence around the globe as a national security measure.

And according to top military officials if a few kids get screwed — literally raped — that’s ok with them.  It’s also ok with the President and Congress; after all, the most-important thing to them is that the stock market go up and selling very expensive planes, parts and such to Saudi Arabia does that.

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