Why Do Western Governments Favor Immigrant-invaders Over Law-abiding Citizens?


by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

NOTE: Some readers have asked why I’m not writing about the impeachment proceedings. The answer is that there are no grounds for impeachment. This is a purely partisan exercise of power by the House Democrats and the presstitutes. It is a pointless exercise as I cannot imagine that the Senate would convict a President on the basis of complaints by Jewish bureaucrats that Trump won’t let them run US foreign policy the way Israel wants.

The House Democrats are not sincere. Their hope is that some mud will stick on Trump and affect his reelection chances. Probably also the CIA is using its media assets to run an experiment to see if Americans are sufficiently braindead that a media campaign can succeed in bringing down a President despite the absence of any offense or evidence. It is a test to see the extent to which the presstitutes can be used to create a generalized false reality. I doubt it will succeed. As Russiagate failed to convince the public, the public is likely to see the second attempt to unelect Trump as another hoax.

As for the subject of today’s column, European governments have destroyed the quality of life for their own citizens by importing huge numbers of rape-prone men from cultures that are too different from European culture to assimilate. European women especially are paying a very high price for the idiotic policy of the European governments. Scandinavian readers in particular have asked me to report on the plight of women in Scandinavia as domestic media and police are not permitted to reveal that the extraordinary explosion in rape is due to immigrant-invaders and that the rapists are seldom punished.

Swedish police officer Peter Springare, frustrated by the blackout of migrant-invader crime statistics by the Swedish government which has refused to publish official statistics for over a decade, revealed that almost all of the explosion in major crimes, rapes, and gang-rapes are the result of the government’s immigration policy. Officer Springare was denounced as a racist, reported to the police and subjected to an internal investigation for inciting racial hatred. A police communications manager actually said that Springare had possibly harmed the public’s trust in the police by telling the truth. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2018/02/14/swedish-whistleblower-cop-notice-gang-rape-cultural-phenomenon/

The rape situation is out of control both in Sweden and Norway. Women are actually raped on street corners and on ferryboats despite the presence of other people who fail to intervene either out of fear of violence by the immigrant-invaders or fear of being charged with a hate crime for interfering with the immigrant-invaders’ pleasure. As rapes by migrant-invaders are seldom punished, recently a rape of a young Swedish girl was livestreamed on Facebook while it took place.

Sweden has the highest incidence of rape of all countries except Lesotho. Norway ranks 10th, which is extremely high considering that there are about 200 countries. Moreover, only one-tenth of rapes in Norway are believed to be reported. If the incidence of rape in Norway is based only on reported rapes, then Norway would have the highest incidence of rape in the world.

In both Sweden and Norway feminist government officials are more determined to protect the immigrant-invaders than they are to protect women from being raped. The likely reason is that the governments do not want to have to acknowledge the total failure of their policy about which they had ample warnings. The governments protect the rapists as a way of protecting themselves.

Why Do Western Governments Favor Immigrant-invaders Over Law-abiding Citizens?

Paul Craig Roberts

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has never represented Germans. She represents Washington, the CIA, and immigrant-invaders. Recently she gave a speech in the German parliament in which she put the right of immigrant-invaders not to be offended above the free speech of Germans. In Merkel’s sick mind, for German citizens to complain about the cost of supporting immigrant-invaders and the rape of German women by immigrant-invaders is offensive to the immigrant-invaders. She calls this spreading hatred and violating the dignity of immigrant-invaders. The violated dignity of raped German women is not her concern. Neither are the raped budgets of the German taxpayers. https://voiceofeurope.com/2019/12/merkel-claims-freedom-of-speech-must-be-limited-to-maintain-a-free-society/

In once Great Britain criminal jihadists are released early from prison because a “compassionate” justice system doesn’t want to marginalize the immigrant-invaders. It is only guiltless Julian Assange who is kept in prison.

The hapless Swedish population are the Europeans who are the worst afflicted by the importation of diversity. Swedish women are afraid to leave their homes. According to some reports only 7% of immigrant-invader rapists are convicted. Conviction would make the poor dears feel unwanted and unappreciated. The idiot Swedish government actually works to attract gang-rapists into Sweden by advertising the benefits available to immigrant-invaders. Little doubt that the absence of punishment for rape ranks up there with free housing and food.

The advocates of immigrant-invaders say the high numbers of Swedish rapes are the result of Swedish husbands raping their Swedish wives. The official position is that only racists and white supremacists complain about immigrant-invader rapists. https://voiceofeurope.com/2019/10/swedish-dystopia-nearly-one-in-four-women-are-afraid-to-leave-their-homes-at-night/

Swedish “justice” lets rapists of 11-year old girl go free:

When the rare and light punishment of migrant-invaders for rape is compared to the destruction of white Julian Assange who was never even accused of rape, it is clear that justice in Sweden is race-based. I know of no statistics to consult, but I bet white ethnic Swedes who rape are punished more severely than immigrant-invaders.

When migrant-invaders gain citizenship, they feel freer to rape:



12 year old undergoes endless rape by immigrant-invaders in UK:

South Africa now very dangerous for white population:

The presstitute media doesn’t report these stories out of fear of being labeled “white supremacist” or out of fear of validating “white supremacists’ concerns.” Little doubt “white supremacist” will now be added to my collection of libelous labels bestowed on me by those determined to control their false explanations.

The Obama regime made sure Americans also experienced the joys of multiculturalism by importing large numbers of immigrant-invaders and dumping them on the taxpayers of American communities. There is suspicion that Obama used immigrant-invaders to build Democratic Party constituencies. Minnesota got a lot of Somalis, as did Maine. The presstitute media tell lies about how well it is going for everyone and how the immigrants are restoring and rebuilding declining America. Occasionally a bit of truth gets out: https://mainefirstmedia.com/2018/05/gang-of-somali-kids-attack-park-goers-in-lewiston/

The strength of a country is in the unity of the people, not in their division. It is extraordinary that as Washington becomes more aggressive abroad, it supports division at home. With Identity Politics teaching hatred, how is America’s multicultural military going to function? Try to imagine an Arab army consisting of Sunnis and Shiites. The soldiers would be too busy fighting one another to attend to the opposing army. A divided army is what Identity Politics will create for America.

Assimilation is required if a country of diverse ethnicities is not to become a Tower of Babel. In the US an English population was able to assimilate Irish, Italians, and Polish peoples by having periods of no immigration. Moreover, all were from a Christian European culture. Today the situation is much more challenging. Somalis and Muslims are culturally different from Western populations, and assimilation is considered racist white superiority. The result is separate populations with the recent arrivals claiming to be victims of the white population. It is a sign of insanity that everywhere in the Western world governments are trying to marry unassimilable ethnicities, many of whom are victims of the West’s bombing and invasion of their home countries, with Identity Politics. This is a recipe for the destruction of Western countries.

The leftwing thinks that this is a good thing. Just as libertarians think that people in government are evil but people in private business are good, the leftwing thinks that white people are evil, but people of color are good. For libertarians getting rid of government is the solution. For the leftwing getting rid of white people is the solution. We see, especially in Sweden and Germany, white governments favoring immigrants over the native ethnic Swedish and German populations.

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