What the Boris landslide means for the climate debate


by Christopher Monckton, Watts Up With That:

The fasmunist haters of democracy in Antifa have been rioting in London in protest at the landslide that the voters accorded to Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party in Thursday’s general election.

Like the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the election of Boris Johnson in 2019 demonstrates just how far the totalitarians in the “Democratic” and “Labor” parties have departed from their working-class roots, and how much they hate and fear democracy itself, and how much good reason they have to fear the common sense of the voters – especially those in the working class.

Johnson, like Trump, concentrated his campaign on rust-belt constituencies deserted by the now-metropolitan-illiberal hard Left and, worse still, laid waste by official global-warming policies – ironically, by the very global-warming policies that Johnson, unlike Trump, slobberingly endorses. Johnson’s current partner – the First Squeeze, as the tabloid newspapers call her – is a climate fanatic, and his father Stan has joined the violent urban terrorist mob Extinction Rebellion.


A Communist cartoon from the general election campaign

The 80-seat majority won by the Conservatives is remarkable given that the now openly hard-Left BBC, ITV, Sky News and Channel 4 were scandalously, in-your-face prejudiced against the Conservatives throughout the campaign.

The usual fake news techniques were deployed. When Boris Johnson refused to take part in a Channel 4 leaders’ debate, on the ground that the channel was so prejudiced, it demonstrated his point by replacing him on air with an ice-sculpture intended to look like him.

A mother put her four-year-old son on a pile of coats on the floor of a hospital emergency ward. He was photographed, and the photo was circulated to these propagandists, who duly made them headline news.


Note the chair in which the child had been sitting before this photo was staged

The truth was that the child had already been seen by the emergency team and had been assessed as low-risk. He had been sitting quietly in a chair next to his mother, waiting for a CT scan. It had been she, not the hospital, who had put her little son on the floor, presumably because he found it hard to sleep in the chair one of whose legs can be seen in the photo.

The media, of course, did not bother to check the story. They rushed to interview Boris Johnson, giving him no time to verify the facts. Here is an image of a journalist showing the photo to him. The image appeared in The Guardian (inevitably):


A few years ago I was taken gravely ill and was rushed to hospital in Maidstone, Kent, one busy evening. I was hours from death. But no bed could be found. I was laid on a trolley and spent the night in a corridor, wired up to stabilizing medication that saved my life.

Did I complain? Did I clamber on to the floor? Did I have photos taken? Did I circulate them to the media? No and no and no and no: I was profoundly grateful that, on a busy evening for the emergency team, they had nevertheless found the time, the compassion and the competence to improvise and save my life.

The truth is that net immigration to Britain is running at about 1 million a year – four times the officially-disclosed rate. One can easily work this out by noticing the number of national insurance numbercards issued to foreigners – no numbercard, no job, and nearly all immigrants are economic migrants aged under 35, so the first thing they do when they’ve paid off the smugglers who get them into Britain is apply for a numbercard.

But the public-service planners – in both parties – have based all their projections on the obviously wrong official figures – just as with climate change. Result: not enough hospital beds to cope with about 15 million more people than the bureaucrats had planned for.

Not that you’d have learned any of that from the Marxstream media. To point out truths of this kind is to be excoriated as “racist”. For the Left are desperate to increase the rate of net immigration to Britain, because the first two generations of immigrants tend to vote Left. After that, they learn wisdom and don’t do that.

There is another reason why Boris’ landslide (the BBC refused to call it that, of course) is remarkable. According to the opinion polls, some 72% of students voted Labor, and only 9% voted Conservative. An imbalance as frighteningly wide as this is a testament to the completeness of the Marxist capture of the schools and universities, and to the thoroughness and one-sidedness of the relentless indoctrination to which young people are subjected.

It is this systemic indoctrination in the schools and universities that has allowed the climate nonsense to persist for as long as it has. Nearly all young people in Britain have absolutely no idea that there is any case against the totalitarian Party Line on the climate question – let alone that the Party Line is flat-out wrong.

In the short term, the Conservative victory will make little difference to the monumentally stupid and egregiously expensive climate policies on which all parties are fatuously agreed. Even the Brexit Party, to its eternal shame, abandoned the working class and issued a briefing ordering its supporters to toe the line on the climate question. It did not win a single seat.

Parliament has already voted to preserve the daft, crippling global-warming policies insisted upon by the unelected Kommissars who wield all real power in the Brussels tyranny-by-clerk even after we have left the EU. If the current draft of the arrangement with the EU survives Parliamentary scrutiny – and it probably will – Britain will foolishly lock herself by treaty into continuing with the climate madness.

Then, even when the truth emerges, as it will, we shall not be free to decontaminate our economy and bring back the numerous businesses – coal, steel, aluminium smelting, motor manufacture and soon beef farming – that are going or gone because global warming.

The sheer insanity of transferring these and countless suchlike necessary industries to jurisdictions such as China and occupied Tibet is that the CO2 emissions per ton of steel are far higher there than here. The net effect of Europe’s insane climate policies is thus to increase global emissions, not to reduce them. But then, the aim was never to reduce emissions: it was to reduce the Western economies to ruin.

However, the fasmunists are not rioting for nothing. They know that the back benches of the Conservative party are more prone to ask tiresome, skeptical questions than the Communist – er, “Labor” – party. As the world continues to fail to warm at anything remotely resembling the originally-predicted rate, and as the cost in jobs lost and industries transferred to China and occupied Tibet mounts, common sense is far more likely to break through in the Conservative party than among the various fasmunist parties that took such a drubbing at the hands of the voters.

In one crucial respect, Boris Johnson’s victory may yet turn out to be decisive for the cause of objective truth on scientific questions such as the climate. During the campaign, he said he was thinking of ending the cruel poll tax that is the $200 annual compulsory licence-fee paid to the unspeakable BBC by everyone who has a television.

If he is as good as his word – and it is very much in the interest of all who care about democracy that he should be – he will make the abolition of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commisariat’s licence fee his first priority.


Margaret Thatcher thought of abolishing the BBC tax. She appointed an amiable, other-worldly academic from Scotland to examine the question. He approached all the other major broadcasters, who told him the BBC was “special”, a “national treasure”, etc., etc. Taken in by this waffle, he recommended against abolition.

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