Unravelling Obama’s Deep State Comms – #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT


from Neon Revolt:

Okay okay okay.

Kind of excited to share this. I was initially thinking about posting this to Gab, but stayed up extra early to give this the screenspace it deserved. Because I think I’m on to something potentially very big here!

Remember how Obama hid a comm in the Jimmy Kimmel RED video, with Bono? And then it was followed up with a meeting request on the RED website (for those who understood the comms and knew where to look?)

I think we’re seeing that kind of scenario unfold again, right now.

Earlier today on a whim, I decided to check out the social media pages of some Swamp-types, and I stumbled across a video Michelle Obama had posted on the 9th of December to her twitter page.

She was evidently in Vietnam! This was part of the Obama’s trips to the Asian-Pacific region, because they were hosting their “Obama Leaders: event in Malaysia.

And she was raising money for the “Girls Opportunity Alliance” – which is part of the Obama Foundation – using GoFundMe.

Q has recently, yet again, referenced GoFundMe as a money-laundering operation for the Cabal, so I started digging. I figured this was just another superficial money-laundering effort.

But I was operating on a theory now: if the Obamas were trying to raise money… what was being offered?

What were they selling access to?

I wanted to know.

Maybe I could find out by looking at who donated. I looked first at the big donors for any clues.

Only two stood out: Ellen and Michelle herself. And these were very much self-promotional kinds of donations:

No, if someone was trying to donate a lot of money in a clandestine manner, they’d probably break it up into lots of smaller donations and use fake names to hide their tracks. I went through all the donors and didn’t find anything that would be useful there.

I decided to do some more digging on the main page for the Girl’s Opportunity Alliance itself:

The first thing that stood out like a sore thumb was the drawing of a lotus on the wall behind Michelle, drawn in crayon.

“Flowers and Gardens” are a concept Q-readers should be familiar with by now. Were the Obama’s selling off girls from the Asian-Pacific region? Was that what this fundraiser was all about?

Seemed a bit… idk, too low level for them. They don’t strike me as the kinds of people to traffick themselves. Oh, they may facilitate it and support it, but they’re not dealing with the logistical side of things.

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