Towards a New Just World Economic and Security Order


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

The London-centered trans-Atlantic financial system is hopelessly bankrupt, and maintains the pretense of still functioning only by deadly looting worldwide, and increasing infusions of worthless government bail-out funds, and the promise of even greater such infusions in the immediate future—a promise that cannot possibly be kept.

The London-centered British geopolitical world order is also bankrupt, and only remains in the saddle by an endless string of wars and regime-change destabilizations, in which NATO plays an important role.

Small wonder, then, that yesterday’s London Guardian, speaking for that bankrupt British Empire, would shudder in fear at the prospect of a second Presidential term for Donald Trump, on the grounds that he could “go full isolationist, withdrawing from NATO and other international alliances.” The British House of Lords had sounded the alarm a year ago that a second Trump term had to be prevented at all costs—thus showing the British hand behind the ongoing attempted coup d’état in Washington.

NATO is in fact having a leaders’ meeting in London on Dec. 3 and 4, and although President Trump did not use the occasion to announce America’s withdrawal from that body, he did give a press conference which challenged the British world order on a number of central points:

• Trump called for having good relations with Russia, and again emphasized that the American people are strongly for that policy.

• He said that big progress can be made on the Ukraine hot spot at the upcoming Dec. 9 Normandy Four meeting, to finally bring peace to that country. The Nazi coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014 is intimately connected to the operation to topple Trump, as the LaRouche movement has repeatedly documented.

• And Trump reported that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin had spoken recently about the urgency of reaching a new strategic agreement on nuclear weapons, stressing that this is one of the most important matters facing humanity and that both sides want to reach a new agreement.

But just as the entire trans-Atlantic financial system has to be put through bankruptcy reorganization and replaced, from stem to stern, by a new Hamiltonian credit system; so too the trans-Atlantic strategic order built around NATO has to be replaced by an entirely new system, based on revolutionary new concepts.

And it is at that point of developments—which is the point Mankind now faces—that the valuable contributions of Trump, Putin, China’s Xi Jinping and others show their limitations. It is at that point that the world must turn, as former Mexican President José López Portillo put it, to “listen to the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche.”

In an article published in the June 28, 1996 EIR, “Now, Rid NATO of the Entente Cordiale!” Lyndon LaRouche wrote in the introductory section:

“The present, anti-U.S., British-French alliance within NATO must be uprooted, and the land it occupied cleansed, as if from the poisonous taint of such decadence. The offensive implications of NATO must be demolished, root and branch, in both of NATO’s multi-national capacities, both as a military and, especially, as a political organization….

“There are reasonable objections to the proposal to disband NATO. Some warn, rightly, against the dangers of creating a vacuum, and warn also that a simple U.S. pull-out from NATO would merely strengthen the power of the U.S.’s current principal, avowed strategic adversary, the London-Paris Entente Cordiale….

“Yet, however reasonable these, and other objections, all melt away when subjected to the hot light of the onrushing, global monetary-financial and related strategic crises. We are forced to take a kind of action, the which can be no longer postponed….

“As replacement for NATO and for related, obsolete dogmas, the United States must adopt a comprehensive, radically new strategic outlook, pivoted upon comprehension of the crucial realities of the Eurasian land-mass. This comprehension is the key to the present and future of the world economy, and of the mutual political interest of all among that outlook’s present and prospective partners. In brief: The decisive strategic significance of the Eurasian land-bridge, now being developed, across the vast, underpopulated regions of central Asia, defines the urgency of developing, and of defending economic cooperation among U.S.A., Russia, and China, all in collaboration with India, as the key to the world of the Twenty First Century.”

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