The Crazy Events Of The Past Month And What They Mean For 2020


by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

In a world without constant manipulation and disinformation most economic and geopolitical events would happen spontaneously and randomly. Things would be more unexpected, but at least they would make life fascinating and interesting, and often there would be positive outcomes. Unfortunately, this is not the world we live in. Our world is highly micro-managed by global elites with a rather broad if not clichéd agenda. This makes most events highly predictable, as each event services a singular end game.

The only aspect of our system that is not predictable is timing. In the liberty movement we can predict with relative certainty future trends and outcomes, but one thing we have to consider is that the more effective we are at exposing the plans of the globalists the more they will attempt to either stall or expedite the timing of their agenda in the hopes of encouraging doubt and uncertainty.

Pyschopathic people tend to have an obsession with the concept of surprise. They love to ambush. They hate when their carefully crafted schemes are made obvious by intelligent observation because they operate on the assumption that they are always the smartest people in the room. In military lingo, this is called being inside someone’s OODA Loop; which means always being a step ahead of the planning and foresight of those you want to conquer. Psychopaths desperately angle to achieve this constant state of superiority.

Of course, the problem for these personality types is that they have very little imagination or ingenuity, and are often robotic in their responses and strategies. Understand one psychopath and you essentially understand them all. Once again, as long as you know what they want, they become predictable. The only way for them to surprise us is by changing what they want, and they aren’t going to do that. All they will do is delay or distract.

2019 might have seemed like a rollercoaster year to many, but most of it was a simply a succession of engineered distractions and slight changes in timing to throw analysts off the scent of the globalist agenda. Finally, in the past month we have seen certain plans culminate into events some of us always expected. Lets examine these events and what they mean for 2020…

The Big Fat Trade Deal Farce

Since the trade war between the US and China began I have been warning that all is not what it seems, and that the trade war is not meant to be won, only perpetuated for as long as possible. The endless cycle of “deal” announcements followed by deal fallout followed by renewed deal optimism has conditioned the public to assume that all market movements and the economy at large are tied to the success or failure of Trump’s trade war. This is exactly what the establishment wants.

If the masses are focused on the trade war, they might completely forget about the enormous financial bubble that central banks like the Federal Reserve created through nearly ten years of stimulus. They might also completely forget that the Fed deliberately popped that bubble in 2018 using fiscal tightening policies and removing liquidity from the system. Now, the avalanche has started, and it appears that the Fed has no intention of stopping it (but we will get to that in a moment).

As long as the Everything Bubble is imploding, the elites need a distraction of some kind as well as a scapegoat.

The latest “Phase 1” trade deal announcement this month was an epic disappointment to almost everyone who thought that maybe Donald Trump was fighting the good fight or working towards a legitimate diplomatic compromise with China. Finally, people are beginning to understand that the trade war is Kabuki theater and nothing more.

As it stands, the Phase 1 agreement is not an agreement at all. Last time I checked, in diplomacy, business and sales, the goal is always to get agreements in writing as quickly as possible along with some assurances that the deal will be honored. Verbal agreements and half measures are a recipe for disaster. Phase 1 is designed to fail.

Phase 1 will not be put in writing and signed, at least, not by Trump or Xi. The details are still murky, tariffs are not being rolled back in any meaningful way, and China’s promise to quadruple their agricultural purchases from the US in 2020 is unlikely to be fulfilled. China has already diversified their food purchases to Russia, South America, etc. To quadruple their purchases from the US would mean abandoning all the work they put in to build new supply lines outside the US market. This is not going to happen.

Will Chinese farm purchases increase? Yes, but only for a short period of time and not to the level of the agreement. This means that the Phase 1 deal has a built in mechanism for collapse, as it relies heavily on China following through with a requirement they can’t or won’t honor. I give it a month or two before hostilities between the US and China surface once again.

North Korea Nuke Talks Collapse

In in my article ‘Syria And Iran Prove There’s No Chance For North Korean Peace‘, published in May 2018 after the initial nuke deal hype, I argued that:

“North Korea will of course refuse disarmament. The establishment will push harder, causing North Korea to pull back from the talks, to reschedule talks multiple times or to abandon talks altogether. Then, the establishment will say North Korea is not serious about peace, therefore, the force of action may be justified. They will say they gave North Korea a chance to do things the easy way, but now the hard way is necessary….North Korean missile tests will continue, and new nuke facilities will open. Trump will call for the kinetic termination of such sites.”

In December the denuclearization talks with North Korea have collapsed. North Korea has indicated they have no intention of continuing, and the initial deal itself is being exposed as the fraudulent nothing-burger it always was. Like the China trade deal, the North Korean talks are designed to fail. China will not quadruple its agricultural purchases from the US for any meaningful length of time, and North Korea will never voluntarily denuke.

The timing of this implosion in progress with North Korea is rather interesting, as it coincided almost exactly with the weak trade deal with China. If the US government sticking its nose into the Hong Kong protests has the potential to derail trade talks, then the US getting aggressive with North Korea would be a veritable powderkeg. I see tensions with North Korea as an extension of tensions with China, as North Korea is essentially a satellite state of China. If the globalists want to accelerate the trade war in 2020, all they have to do is ratchet up the saber rattling with North Korea. I believe this was ALWAYS the intent; the elites merely put the plan on pause until now.

Brexit On The Fast Track

I have a love/hate relationship with the proceedings of the Brexit movement. I understand that the movement itself is mostly grassroots and is legitimate. I also understand that the European Union is a monstrosity that should be broken apart. Finally, I’m a longtime champion of national sovereignty, and if the majority of British people want it, then I think they should get it.

However, the story of Brexit is not as simple as this. As with my prediction that Donald Trump would win the 2016 election, I also correctly predicted that the Brexit vote would succeed. I predicted these events based on the tides of change in public perception and the rise of conservative ideals, but also on the reality that the globalists would ALLOW these events to occur because they ultimately benefit.

This is not to say that the globalists are omnipresent and control everything; that is not my argument. I continue to believe that the rise in conservative sentiment in the public is largely due to over a decade of effort on the part of the liberty movement spreading the word and fighting back against establishment propaganda. That said, anyone who refuses to acknowledge the massive rigging in voting systems today by the establishment is delusional, to say the least.

I predicted the Trump and Brexit wins based in the theory that the elites would simply step back and not interfere with the vote. That they would allow the obvious proliferation of conservative thought to run its course, for a little while. Why? Because by triggering a crash of the Everything Bubble, they will soon need someone to take the blame. Why wouldn’t the globalists set up their ideological enemies as the cause of an economic crash that THEY created?  They have everything to gain.

So far, my theory continues to prove correct. The trade war is unequivocally tied to the performance of the economy in the minds of the masses, and the mainstream media has made sure that this is the case through steady propaganda. Trump has attached the market bubble to himself by endlessly Tweeting about how he is personally responsible for the performance of markets, even though during his campaign he said that the markets were a huge bubble that he didn’t want to inherit. And now, all eyes are on the Brexit as the conservatives under Boris Johnson have a mandate to force through the Brexit while the mainstream predicts economic disaster.

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