Take a Dump On McCain’s Grave


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

The hits keep coming.

As I’ve pointed out if you haven’t read the entire IG Report you are woefully ignorant of the lengths to which our own government went to unlawfully, and in fact seditiously screw with an American election — acts that make Watergate look like a Girl Scout picnic.

Remember that Watergate was at its core a pedestrian break-in for the purpose of stealing documents, presumably with the intent of using them in the election.

The entire campaign aimed at Donald Trump, beginning as early as 2015, continuing through the election and for a long time after it was of wildly more-serious character in that (1) it involved an armed police force under control of the US Government (the FBI) instead of a handful of private citizens performing a B&E, (2) it involved knowing perjury and abuse of judicial powers via that route to spy on and infiltrate an opposition campaign, (3) it involved members of the candidate’s own party, (4) the number of people who either actively knew or willfully ignored what was going on reaches into the hundreds if not thousands and (5) having failed to prevent the election from going the “wrong” way it then continued into an unlawful and seditious series of actions to remove by force a sitting President of the Untied States, a series of actions that continues today.

We’ve now learned that after Steele was fired by the FBI as a source due to unreliability John McCain apparently funneled that Steele data to Mr. Comey.  This was not, as previously reported, a singular event: The IG report documents that McCain passed five additional reports that the FBI had not previously seen from Steele to Comey, all of which were sourced through Fusion GPS which is the firm that Hillary Clinton hired to dig up dirt on Trump.  While McCain may not have known that Steele had been fired Comey certainly did.

Folks, partisan and political animus is nothing new, as I’ve repeatedly reported.

However, to use the gun-toting federal police force as a means to unlawfully tamper with evidence, commit perjury before a court in order to obtain surveillance warrants and for Comey to apparently circumvent the fact that the FBI had previously found Steele unreliable and had fired him by means of obtaining further information via John McCain is outrageous.

It is in fact nothing more or less than an attempted putsch.

I am no fan of Trump but we either have a Rule of Law or we no longer live in a Representative Republic and exactly nobody ought to pay any attention to any law or regulation they disagree with.  If the FBI can show up and threaten to shoot people if they do not comply, then toss them in prison when the entire predicate of their actions was founded on unlawful activity then there is exactly no reason whatsoever for anyone to attempt to take refuge in the law or the courts as you will not find it there.

What we are, as a people, allowing to happen today — instead of demanding that everyone involved in this crap be indicted and locked up right now pending trial for seditious conspiracy — is exactly how a nation goes from one in which disputes are settled through legal process in the courts to one in which anyone who gets sufficiently pissed off just hauls off and uses their own guns to get what they want, whether they stick them up someone’s nose or simply shoot first and ask questions never.

Despite the protests from people like Graham and McConnell the facts are that both of them, along with the entire Republican caucus was and is in on this in that exactly zero of them have insisted upon and backed up said insistence with legislative force that every single one of the people involved in this, up to and including Hillary, Barack Obama and the entire DOJ and FBI apparatus with any knowledge or involvement, including those members of the legislature and foreign service, be not only ejected from office but prosecuted.

Watergate resulted in imprisonments and the resignation of a President.

So far those who perpetrated the attempted putsch in this case have faced exactly zero sanction.

America no longer exists and the worst part of it is that both Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, along with the entirety of Congress, the FBI and DOJ like it that way and celebrate your refusal, as Americans, to force them to enforce the damned law.

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