Sanders Campaign Offers ‘Family Persuasion Guide’ So His Supporters Can Ruin Christmas


by Alicia Luke, Freedom OutPost:

Sanders is struggling to gain traction with voters over 50, so his campaign is coaching thousands of his young supporters on how to talk to their parents and grandparents during Christmas.

“It’s up to us as students and young people to make the moral appeal to our older relatives to join us in voting for Bernie, because let’s face it: they won’t be around for as long to deal with the consequences of this election, but we will be,” the “Students for Bernie: Family Persuasion Guide” reads.

Oh, joy. I hope they like hearing how Socialism destroys the youth’s future and creates the starkest wealth inequality and social injustice.

Daily Wire:

The Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) presidential campaign is struggling with voters over age 50. It turns out, those who’ve already made their money, paid off their student loans, and are eligible for actual Medicare, aren’t really up for voting for Bernie Sanders, and it’s starting to have an impact on his ability to win in states with early primaries.

So, The Wall Street Journal reports, Sanders is arming his young followers with “family persuasion guides” so that they can more effectively ruin Christmas by injecting politics into the conversation at every opportunity — and it starts by suggesting that students remind their non-socialist parents and grandparents that they’ll be dead one day. More

Gather by the fire for a lecture with some eggnog. His family get-togethers must be exhausting. I’m so glad that we have no liberal children or children in law. We have fun at our family gatherings and politics almost never even comes up!

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