Republicans Head Into Election Year With Seven Times The Cash Democrats Have


by Alicia Luke, Freedom OutPost:

This impeachment fiasco is filling President Trump’s coffers with cold hard cash!

News of these funds came after the RNC reported more than 600,000 new donors since Democrats began to impeach President Trump.

Keep pushing impeachment, Democrats! It’s doing wonders for the bank account! The Left has done it again and we should all thank their foolishness.

Daily Caller:

The Republican National Committee heads into the 2020 election year with more than seven times as much cash on hand as the Democratic National Committee, the parties’ FEC filings show.

FEC filings from both parties show the RNC has $63 million in cash on hand compared to the DNC’s $8.3 million, Bloomberg reported. This is more than seven times as much cash on hand as the DNC has, according to Axios.

The RNC in November raised $20.6 million compared to the DNC’s $8 million, FEC filings show. The DNC did not immediately return the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment. More

The fake scandals, fake witnesses and fake testimonies will be debunked if the courts order Democrats to testify in a Trump trial. This is why the Democrats are broke and why President Donald Trump is rolling in the contributions.

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