On With The Jackass


by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

From Jackass lips to your ears.

As you may have noticed, we did not have our annual Thanksgiving visit from The Golden Jackass. One of the reasons why is this recording today.

Jim has joined his own podcast network and I encourage you to check it out. And it was for this network that Jim and I recorded this conversation earlier today. I’ve not figured out how to embed the video so I’ll just post the link. You can then click it to be taken to the Gadfly site.

Again, this was just recorded earlier today. Over the course of the call, Jim and I discuss REPO, the Banks, the EFPs and Comex, gold and a whole lot more. I think you’ll find it quite interesting.

The plan now is for Jim and I to record again later this month and that conversation will be our annual year-in-review segment that will be posted sometime around New Year’s Eve. In the meantime, and instead of the Thanksgiving podcast, I hope you enjoy this show.

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