No, We Can’t Just Get Along


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Do you actually read the Horowitz Report?

I mean, like actually read it?

Not listen to the talking heads, but you, yourself, sit down with that nice “book” and have a read.

The public hearing in the Senate was damning.  In fact it was ******ning, with all that connotes.

There were dozens of people up and down the line that could have, and in fact had a duty to raise hell, blow the whistle, and stop this crap.  The litany, in fact, stretches far beyond the report and its context — it continued onward beyond that time, all the way to the present with the FISA court itself.

This didn’t start in 2016.  The report, along with other material already released documents that they started in 2015, and proceeded into 2016.  It began at the highest levels of our government — including Obama.  Comey directly lied before Congress — that facially appears to be perjury and a felony, standing alone.  Not only that it was an attempt to rig an election through the CIA, DOJ AND White House.

It was an attempt not so much to go after Trump but to make damned sure Hillary won, and it didn’t matter who she was running against.  There’s nothing wrong with doing that inside the boundaries of the law; that’s called politics and happens all the time.  But this wasn’t inside the boundaries of the law.  It was rabidly illegal and seditious in that it weaponized parts of the government who bear and use arms to get what they want for a political end.  The only reason you can’t use the word “Treason” is that the goal and intended beneficiary was domestic.

The left constantly talks about Trump “won’t leave” if he’s beaten or impeached.  Well, the facts are that Obama tried not to leave in terms of an election: He attempted to use the power of the government unlawfully to install Hillary Clinton!  Not only did the DNC and Obama screw Sanders out of the nomination (which, as I’ve pointed, probably wasn’t illegal even though maybe it should be) he and the gun-toting, intelligence-gathering arms of the government also attempted to rig the general election and its outcome which is not only illegal it’s seditious.

There are thousands of people who ought to be in prison for this — right here and now.

As I previously pointed out there is no possible way 17 “errors” were all made in one direction.  The odds are 1 in 131,072 of that happening.  You, I or anyone else would go straight to prison were we to be faced with such a record in a courtroom for any criminal act.

Nor can you excuse this with “well, Durham will get to it.”  Maybe he will and maybe he won’t.  But that doesn’t matter either, because whether he does or doesn’t the facts won’t change: The entirety of DC was after this guy because he won the election, and 90%+ of DC votes exactly one way.  Worse, even when caught red-handed, as the Horowitz report points out did happen, they’re still at it.

Partisan rancor is nothing new in America or anywhere else.  We seem to think this is somehow unique but that’s false.  In 1915 several sticks of dynamite were set off in the Senate Reception Room.  The responsible individual later tried to kill JP Morgan (yes, that JP Morgan) and was arrested.

In 1954 a bunch of Puerto Ricans opened fire into the House chamber from the upstairs visitor gallery, wounding five.

The Weather Underground (remember those folks from Obama’s list of “friends”) bombed the Senate in 1971, and another group claiming to be pissed off about US aggression in Lebanon did it again in 1983.  Neither bombing resulted in casualties, but both did damage to the building.

Over the years there have been a few duels (yes, really); in the 1800s there were seventy violent incidents between members of the House.  The most-famous, in 1838, resulted in Jonathan Cilley, a Democrat from Maine, being shot and killed — although neither of the participants were apparently very good as it required three rounds before the duel was concluded!

Lest people think partisan rancor is something new…..

But what is new is the entrenchment of the so-called “civil system” in DC.

You need only look to what has happened in Virginia.  The state has been basically taken over by hard-core leftists.  The landmass of the state is almost-completely Republican, pro-gun and pro-life.  But the population is centered in the immediate DC area and, to a lesser extent, Richmond.

Just down the road is Culpeper County, and the county is having none of the clearly-unconstitutional gun “laws” being propounded by the leftists in the State House.  I remind you that the Sheriff of a county is the highest county elected office.

Want to try to take that on?  Go right ahead.  What are the state cops going to do when they’re outnumbered 100:1?  I’ll tell you what they’re going to do — turn tail and run.

So what’s going to be done about this?

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