Kenneth Starr, Who Led Impeachment Against Clinton, Drops Bombshell About Trump Impeachment


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

Independent Counsel Who Led Impeachment Against Bill Clinton Says HE Actually Committed Crimes, And Trump Hasn’t (Video)
(TNS) Democrats and their lame propagandists in the establishment media love to compare President Trump’s impeachment “crimes” to those alleged against President Richard Nixon back in the day.

‘Oh, my goodness,’ we’re told breathlessly by these hacks, ‘what Trump has done is far worse that Nixon and Watergate!’

And while there certainly were crimes committed related to a break-in to DNC headquarters in the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C., and Nixon’s ties to it, the former president was never impeached for it.

Never. There were articles of impeachment likely on the way, but Nixon resigned from office before the House could return them.

Now, fast-forward to 1998, when Bill Clinton was president.

He was actually impeached, but the Garbage Party and their propagandists brazenly breeze past this comparison.

And Clinton committed actual crimes, too: Obstruction of justice and perjury. Both Democrats and Republicans thought so, and voted to convict in the House. He was narrowly saved from being removed from office by a Senate that voted 55-45 that Clinton was not guilty of obstruction of justice, while voting 50-50 on perjury.

Fast-forward again to 2019 and the pending impeachment of President Donald Trump.

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