KABOOM! Wednesday Morning Cartel Bombing Runs On Gold & Silver


from Silver Doctors:

SD Midweek Update: Maybe we can finally get to that all-important “extremely oversold” condition in the gold & silver “markets”? 

Update 10:41 am. EST – 

The cartel may have a problem on its hands as the impeachment vote looms:

Gold’s erased nearly all of its losses, silver is still somewhat on a flash sale.

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In fact, watch it right here:


Bombs away:


It’s a heavy bombing no less:

Napalm sticks to kids!

Of course, it doesn’t affect the adults in the room.

And who are the adults in the room?

The stackers.

That’s who.

So thank you cartel!

First for the lower gold & silver prices for all the new stackers out there.

And secondly, for giving me a title for today’s post.

You see, I’m kind of at a loss today with everybody so sure of themselves and the continuance of the status quo.


A few things that I’m referring to are the Fed’s ability to keep the stock market up, Trump’s sure-fire re-election, and the trade deals, and it’s getting kind of annoying.

Yesterday, for example, an influential voice on Twitter said something to the effect of, “you don’t get it man, it’s a matter of national security that the stock market keeps on rising”!

Uh, our government is totally corrupt and evil to the core, and there’s no security in that, much less a dang nation.

Besides, there’s no saving the Titanic.

It sinks.

There’s no sense in rallying around the captain either.

If he’s honorable, he’ll go down with the ship.

Noticed that nearly everybody in the “alternative media” space is so sure about President Trump’s “re-election”?

It’s pathetic to hear people talking as if our elections are legitimate.

They’re not.

If there is more wealth to drain from Americans, he’ll get re-elected.

If there’s no more wealth to drain, then we begin the transition to FEMA Camp, USA.

Yet another example is that people are making a big stink out of the trade deals.

The last time I checked, there were no signed trade deals, but instead, there is plenty of talk, lies and propaganda.

Meanwhile, the economic collapse of the United States accelerates, and it is going to blindside most people.

That’s how they want it, however.

It’s shock-n-awe!

Confuse and disorient the masses with maximum pain in the form of economic misery and financial ruin.

That cliche about bankruptcy is appropriate to this kind of pain: It starts out slowly and then happens at all-at-once, or however the cliche goes.

In the form of maximum pain, the onset of the economic misery and financial ruin that’s coming to 99% of Americans depends on the size of one’s savings account.

That said, there is only one protection from what is coming: Gold & silver.

They’re the ultimate in privacy.

They’re the ultimate in secrecy.

They’re the ultimate in portability.

They’re the ultimate in liquidity.

They’re the ultimate in universality.

They’e the ultimate in etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

And they’e getting bombed right now.


Flash sale!


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