Horowitz’s False Report Proves Deep State Rules Inside the Beltway, D.C. Swamp Will Not Be Drained


from State Of The Nation:

Make no mistake about it: It’s an all-out war between Team Trump and Deep State.

Just read the Michael Horowitz back story at this link to understand how deep the DoJ Inspector General really is in the D.C. swamp. HUGE Institutional Cover-Up! IG Horowitz Brazenly Hides Joint FBI-DoJ-CIA Coup Attempt Against Trump

Truly, given Horowitz’s carefully cultivated professional background over years of operating as an inside man, the following list of his dubious qualifications is undeniable.

DoJ IG Michael Horowitz:
Deep State Operative,
Clinton Crime Syndicate Inside Man,
‘Espionage Machine Party’ Agent,
British Intel Plant,
Cover-up Artist,
and Soros Puppet

(Source: DOJIGgate)

War between Team Trump and Deep State

Many Alt Media political analysts and social commentators have asserted that everything occurring inside the Beltway in 2019 and beyond in nothing but Kabuki theater.  And, they may be spot on.

However, that doesn’t mean there is not a full-scale political war going on at the same time.

There’s no denying, for example, that the CIA’s Mockingbird Media is attempting to destroy President Trump in a way NEVER witnessed before in U.S. history.

In point of fact, no POTUS has ever taken the blows that Trump has since the very day he declared his candidacy in June of 2015.  He has had to weather a veritable superstorm of slander and libel, defamation and character assassination every single week since that declaration day.

Is it all a set-up?

Are both sides acting?

For IG Michael Horowitz to issue a report even hinting that the FBI had no bias as they committed their numerous crimes during the FISA warrant reveals an institutional chutzpah that is rarely, if ever, seen.

Remember, this is all happening IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

When this type of transparent, yet profound, corruption has occurred in the past (and it often has), it always takes place under cover of darkness.  No one sees it, or even knows about it, except the Deep State perps.

This obvious whitewash by Horowitz, on the other hand, is the most watched act of institutional malfeasance yet, and carried out under the glare and scrutiny of the international press no less.

Some of the Horowitz report conclusions fly in the face of basic rationality and criminal investigatory principles.  He doesn’t care; his handlers don’t care; his hidden masters don’t care that everyone now knows the whole bloody system is completely corrupt to the core.

To even suggest the FBI had no bias in their naked attempt to overthrow the President is so absurd and juvenile and misleading, it, too, needs to be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted by the appropriate authorities.  The DoJ Inspector General is, after all, now guilty of multiple cover-ups.  Here’s the last time Horowitz played cover-up artist: IG Report: A Complete and Total Whitewash by Deep State Agent Michael Horowitz

Back to the ongoing war.

Deep State is especially bothered by Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to ferret out the truth about the real UKRAINEgate.[1]

Giuliani’s conducts “a large-scale joint investigation” between Ukraine and the United States, Evidence stacking up

When Trump’s personal lawyer is aggressively investigating the various crimes committed by Joe Biden & Sons relating to various Ukraine scandals (and there are several much more serious conspiracies to be revealed), it appears that Deep State feels compelled to implement a full-blown cover-up by first accusing Trump of the very crimes perpetrated by the Democrats.

REMEMBER THIS MO: The Democrats have reflexively accused Team Trump of crimes that were actually committed by the utterly lawless Obama administration.  None of those Obama corruptocrats would have ever been exposed had Trump not been elected.

Which is why the lying Left is doing everything in their power to drive a wedge between Trump and Giuliani. See: Mainstream Media doing everything possible to drive a wedge between President Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani

Kabuki theater or not, what the American people are witnessing has NEVER happened before.  Not only that, but the body politic is watching the credibility of some of the primary organs of the U.S. Federal Government and premier institutions of the U.S. Intelligence Community — the DoJ, FBI, C.I.A. — crumble right before their eyes.

KEY POINT: The FBI has always been the single most corrupt federal law enforcement agency.  It was literally set up that way in order to protect the real criminals at the top of the NWO food chain.  To out any of the low-level criminals and political henchmen would make those above them vulnerable to being exposed.  Hence, we now see that: FBI Director Wray Allows Corrupt FBI Cover-Up (Video).

This unparalleled crash and burn — DURING PRIME TIME — is so overwhelming and inconceivable that many folks are still rubbing their eyes in disbelief.

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