Funding Your Own Enslavement, the Curse of Liberty Ignored – Part Two


by Matthew Lyon, The Burning Platform:

The Scourge Of Aristocracy and Repository of Important Political Truth – Fair Haven, Vermont

With unchallenged control of the money comes power. To maintain this power information must be controlled. Trust derived from information control is the foundation of the entire operation.

We are seeing that battle playing out now.  Those who understand freedom are aligned against a foe with unlimited monetary resources and essential control over the force of government, media, and business in nearly all their forms.

What they don’t yet totally control is your mind and the future innovation of you and your neighbors.

True innovation kills capital and destroy monopolies as surely as it can help humanity. Some grad students provably showed a way to use existing nuclear waste to power the world. Their early published results were quickly and publically downgraded. They now have a board stacked by oligarchs. Have “awards” from the World Economic Forum and are making videos about failure (watch Leslie’s face).

When a lone researcher discovered a promising single cure for all viral infections he quickly found he was unable to move his research forward. Treatments are more profitable than cures. Destroying the cold medicine market alone would be unacceptable capital loss and future profit reduction to established interest and, certainly subject to this same suppression.

These projects were targeted. Just two that come to mind. Two this author saw enter the discovery cycle and quickly fall under control. How many more? Smith’s unseen hand chopped off.

Energy is a global control point administered by banks and money through governments they control. Health is also a control point now in the same. What you pay, what types of cures and treatments and, how much capacity enters the market is not decided by a free market mechanism. You are told this as constantly as you are told this constitutional republic was always a “democracy”. These are lies.

Energy and Health are captured. The big prize is still “environment”, as they define it. Again, the Money Cartel are managing the argument in a perfectly Hegelian manner. If you accept that pollution reduction is good. You must accept their solution. One scientist stood up, here is what happened.  This effective tactic is not new to humanity. Hegel simply defined it. Control of information allows the Hegelian mechanism to be weaponized against you.

The same Hegelian process is used over and over again against us to re-enforce the need and validity of authority through government. To legitimize in the minds of people the power to supersede Freedom and Liberty, to obscure property rights, and defer true liabilities they incur with their “regulated” actions. I will explain.

This can be well understood in another example illustrated through the current environmental policy prism: Susan Lerner’s 123 part story of what happened to Wilbur Tennant. Documented by Susan and he, himself a reluctant citizen-historian, and unlikely hero. Wilbur was the canary-in-the-coal-mine for the C8 disaster that now permeates the earth unchecked. Manmade C8 (Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)) can never effectively be removed from the environment. He died for his trouble.

What do you think the real ongoing liability to DuPont, 3M and the Money Cartel should be to the people of the World? Whatever you come up with for a payment solution, how could it ever compensate? This system we have allowed to grow up around us must end.

Had Wilbur been able to enforce his property rights as we intended them. Those damn corporations (3M/DuPont) would be the ones dead and gone!  I can’t prove it, but my guess, when Wilbur won his lawsuit he would have given the rights to those corporation’s patented inventions and wealth away… My friend Thomas warned you about this too.

The first time one powerful corporation is killed, by a free person exerting their rights through an informed jury of their neighbors, the rest will quickly behave. This would be infinitely better than a thousand corrupt agencies with bloated budgets on your tax-paying back that assist in the crimes, wouldn’t you think? Double win! This is what we intended with that Constitution.

With canaries empowered everywhere like Wilbur should have been, bad actors will face real and “unknown costs” in causing harm. They would face having their value sold to compensate for damages to more responsible competitors. Officers and employees could actually be subject to criminal charges when crimes such as attempted murder or assault are associated with this property damage. Wilbur deserved better from us…

All we had to do as a people, was respect Wilbur’s property rights by holding our government accountable to its founding principles and the supreme law of the land. Honest courts and informed juries may have saved him.

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