‘Drug Recognition Experts’ Arresting Innocent, Sober People for DUI at Alarming Rate All Based on a Hunch


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, motorists in police state USA are snagging DUI charges for being stone cold sober. Roadside extortionists with badges calling themselves “experts” are the main culprits, according to several sources. Now, it seems, mainstream news media outlets are catching up on the sanctioned extortion and bravely reporting on the phenomena.

According to ABC 15 Arizona, stone cold sober drivers in Phoenix, AZ are getting DUI’s and have to spend thousands of dollars proving their innocence. It seems the source of the misunderstandings and illegitimate arrests, once again, come from Drug Recognition Experts (DRE), cops with badges and fancy titles who claim they can look at a motorist and on observation alone determine if someone is impaired.

You’d have to be God to know if someone is under the influence by simply looking at them. With that being the issue, worse still is the fact the DRE’s testimony often holds up in court without so much as a failed breathalyzer or a dirty toxicology report showing alcohol and drugs in someone’s system.

One Phoenix cop in particular, Officer David Morris has made 56 DUI arrests since April 2018. In a state which annually doles out over 21,000 DUI’s per year, Morris’ numbers are not all that astounding. It’s just that several of his alleged perpetrators whom he arrested for DUI were absolutely, completely, 100 percent, sober.

Tasha McConnell said her DUI was traumatizing. She said she was pulled over for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign but that Morris wanted to dig into her drug history immediately asking her what drugs she was taking, prescription or otherwise. He told her her “eye tremors” were giving it away and his supposed DRE experience made an expert at determining impairment. McConnell told the press:

It was quite embarrassing…I knew I did nothing wrong…They just kept sticking to asking me what drugs I was on…He asked me if I was on marijuana. He insisted I was on harder drugs.

Mike Toth also got arrested and charged for DUI after revealing to Morris he was taking antacids for his acid reflux. The officers involved in his arrest allegedly told him even acid pills could impair his judgement. Seriously. Originally pulled over for failing to maintain his lane, Toth described what happened next.

They said, ‘Well, that could impede your judgment skills,’ and I said, ‘Heartburn pills?’

Incredulously, Phoenix PD and its leaders fail to see a problem in their officers’ actions in depriving people of their freedom, humiliating them, forcing them to lose sleep, and fight for their good name. No, the chain of command seems more content with business as usual than ensuring the public is fairly protected against unlawful arrests, searches, and seizures. Phoenix PD Detective Kemp Layden defended his DRE officers’ actions saying, in effect, even though the motorists’ blood tests were clean, there’s still doubt as to whether or not they’re impaired. Layden said:

A clear tox [blood toxicology test] does not necessarily exonerate a person beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Kemp and his so-called “experts” (phony experts according to many police accountability activists) quite possibly may be the latest iteration in policing for profit. Here’s the possible scam. Get enough cops certified as “experts” at detecting drugs and the system can be flooded with many more DUI cases, fattening the wallets of DUI lawyers, filling the prosecutors’ dockets, enriching the court by way of court fees, and getting the crooked judges who go along with it to easily get reelected for being “tough on crime”. Yeah right! It’s the antithesis of being tough on crime. It’s actually condoning highway robbery!

Let’s face it. Experts are developed, not rubber stamped. They’re learned, educated people who can lecture on a topic without referring to their notes. What they are not are high-school graduate cops who can sniff out drugs better than a drug dog by filling out a checklist and declaring someone to be under the influence. It’s one of the scariest scams we’re aware of and we’ve reported on it many times before in states all across the union.

Our readers may remember a Buckeye, AZ cop who was also a DRE. He believed a child with Autism was under the influence of drugs while he was stimming, fidgeting with his string. It’s what some autistic kids do to distress. Officer David Grossman threw the boy down to the ground, injuring him to the point of surgery, and costing the taxpayers $5 million dollars when they sued. Yeah…that kind of expert….the kind who cannot tell an autistic kid from a meth head.

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