Democrats are “summoning the DEMON of political violence,” and the next phase of their criminal coup will unleash blood in the streets


by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Democrats are “summoning the demon of political violence,” meaning they are taking active steps right now that will result in blood spilling onto the streets of America. And they are doing it willfully. This is the outcome they want (see below for why). Essentially, Democrats operate from the rule that if they can’t control society, they will destroy it.

To understand how this is going to happen, recognize that elections are a civil replacement for political violence. Before elections and democracy emerged, the rulers of nations were largely determined by who could kill their political enemies and seize power. For millennia, nearly every national ruler was a mass murderer, since obtaining political power required killing anyone who stood in their way.

Elections sought to make the process of regime change more civil, allowing the people to choose their representatives in a system of voting that, to function in a civil manner, requires all participants to agree to the outcome of the vote, even if their favored candidate loses.

Similarly, the brutality of violence was also supposed to be replaced by a fair, transparent justice system where no person is above the law and every person receives the same rights when accused: The right to face your accuser, the right to call witnesses in your defense, the right to cross examine the prosecution’s witnesses, and so on.

Democrats have abandoned every pillar of civil society

The reason this is important to understand is because Democrats have thrown these pillars of civil society out the window in their desperation to destroy Trump and overthrow America, turning it into an authoritarian regime run by a twisted combination of techno-fascists (like Google and Twitter) conspiring with deep state operatives who despise the Constitution. Together, they have silenced free speech in America, deprived the President of the United States any shred of due process (in the treasonous Schiff impeachment trials) and sought to nullify the will of the People who voted for Trump in 2016.

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Democrats, in other words, have abandoned the rule of law and the pillars of civility that hold civil society together. By doing this, they are begging for a return to the brutality of political violence, almost as if they are saying that since elections no longer matter, and the rule of law is no longer in existence, and the press is no longer free or fair, it’s okay in their minds for people to just start killing each other to determine who holds power.

I call this treacherous action by the Dems “summoning the demon of political violence,” and it’s exactly what Democrats are doing. You can hear my full explanation of the reckless, dangerous actions of the Democrats in this podcast from

Consider the fact, too, that Democrats have also abandoned the idea of a fair and honest press, whose role in society is to question power and serve as the voice of the people. Instead, today’s media giants function as nothing more than CIA-run anti-America, anti-liberty propaganda distribution hubs that are overtly complicit in treason against the United States of America. They have become the enemy of the people rather than their defenders, and every so-called “journalist” who has taken part in this coup should be arrested, charged with treason and imprisoned.

Democrats absolutely will not stop until they have mass murdered their political opponents

It’s now clear that Democrats, fueled by the bloodlust of media-hyped hatred and insanity, will not stop until they have murdered all Christians, conservatives, Trump supporters and gun owners across America.

They’ve already decided they cannot coexist with anyone they hate — hence all the censorship and de-platforming — and what they really want is the extermination of those they hate.

The State of Virginia is gearing up to attempt that in 2020 by criminalizing all Virginians who currently own legal firearms such as AR-15s. Why would the government of Virginia seek to confiscate all such weapons from the law-abiding citizens of Virginia? Simply stated, it’s because the Democrat-led government of Virginia plans to do something that citizens might shoot them for carrying out.

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