by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden, a Democrat and presidential hopeful, is saying that he blames the “staff” for not bringing up Burisma concerns, not his son Hunter.  According to Biden, we should just trust the corrupt Hunter while he plays dumb.

Joe Biden also claims he had no idea Hunter was hired to sit on the Ukraine gas company’s board of directors until after the fact.  If anyone believes that, I have some beachfront property in Kansas for sale. Biden claims the fault lies with his staff for not warning him that this could be considered corruption. “Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest. Nobody warned me about that. And at the same time —,” said Biden, sitting down with NPR‘s Rachel Martin, according to ZeroHedge. 

Irrefutable Evidence: 10 Videos That Show Creepy Joe Biden Touching Women Inappropriately

George Kent, the State Department official, testified that he raised it to you, and your staff.

No, he didn’t say me. He did not say me.

To your staff. To your staff, I stand corrected.

I never, never heard that once at all.

To your staff. And your staff told him he has no bandwidth for family matters.

Well, my son was dying, so I guess that’s why he said it, because my son was on his deathbed. But that, that’s not the reason why — they should have told me. –NPR

Then in an interview with Axios, Biden claimed that he knew nothing of Hunter’s board position until after the fact, none of it is suspicious, and no one should attempt to investigate because he trusts Hunter.

To sum up just how ridiculous this has become: Hunter Biden is hired to sit on a board with the former president of Poland (who said he was hired due to the Biden name), and an ex-CIA guy – all while Joe Biden is in charge of Ukraine policy for the Obama administration, and we are supposed to believe the Vice President of the United States didn’t know about itnor did anyone notify him there was an obvious conflict of interest. The willful ignorance surrounding this entire situation is mind-blowing.

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