Corbyn’s Massive Defeat is Big Wakeup Call for Democrats


by Mish Shedlock, The Maven:

It’s time for US democrats to reflect on the message UK voters gave Labour yesterday.

Proposed Wakeup Phone Call

“Hello Elizabeth. This is Jeremy, Jeremy Corbyn. About your radical plan to save America. I’ve been doing some reflecting. Guess what?”

Jeremy Corbyn Went Down in Flames

Jeremy Corbyn went down in flames yesterday in the biggest Labour defeat in 35 years. [Correction: since 1935].

The above proposed phone call will never happen because Corbyn Refuses to Admit He is the Reason for Labour’s Massive Defeat.

Corbyn will stand down as party leader in January. But he wants time to reflect on what happened.

Corbyn Already Sounds Like Hillary

Corbyn blamed Brexit. He blamed the media. He blamed disgusting politicians.

On the latter, he is of course correct. He just forgot to look in the mirror while making that statement.

He just forgot one thing. He forgot to blame Russia.

He will have plenty of time to reflect on things, then blame Russia.

Media vs Polls

The polls mostly got this correct. The media kept saying “too close to call”.

Flashback November 18: Fear of Corbyn Outweighs Fear of Brexit

My Comment: “This election is no longer primarily about Brexit, it’s primarily about Corbyn.

Perhaps this is easier to see from afar. Perhaps it is simple willingness to dive into the polls. Either way, Corbyn’s unpopularity was of epic proportion, poll after poll after poll.

Why is it shocking news that people, when they finally got into the voting booth, voted against someone they could not stand?

Time for Reflection

Corbyn says “it’s time to reflect.”

Please, let’s do.

Since it’s time to reflect, please reflect on the above question in reference to Hillary and why she lost.

Let’s also reflect on Corbyn’s Radical Manifesto.

Labour’s Radical Plan Highlights

  1. Increase government spending by a massive £82.9bn a year, about 4pc of GDP, all paid for by rising taxes
  2. A £400bn “national transformation fund”, which would “add to the government’s debt” but isn’t in the headline figures.
  3. Nationalisation of rail, water, energy, bus, mail, and broadband companies
  4. Seizure of 10 percent of the shares in every big UK company and handing the shares to workers
  5. Raise the corporate tax rate to 26% from 19%
  6. An £11bn windfall tax on the oil and gas sector
  7. Free broadband internet for everyone
  8. Free shelter for the homeless
  9. Super-rich tax rate
  10. Tax on second homes
  11. Raise £8bn via a Financial Transactions Tax
  12. Higher inheritance tax
  13. Force landlords to sell homes to tenants at a “fair” price as determined by Labour

Democrats Take Note

I wrote about Corbyn’s radical manifesto on November 23 with this message: Jeremy Corbyn Goes for Broke With Last Desperate Act, US Democrats Take Note.

My Lead-In Comment “Labour’s manifesto is a final act of desperation. US democrats, especially Elizabeth Warren, should take note.

Free Everything!

In the US Democratic debates, the candidates are still trying to outdo each other with free this, free that.

Warren is at the top of the list. Like Corbyn, she wants to nationalize everything possible and break up the rest. She wants free healthcare, free education, free shelter.

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