BUSTED: FBI’s ‘Innocent Professor’ Halper Ran a Mob-Backed CIA Bank That Illegally Funded Millions to Iran Contras — After Halper Ran Spy Operation Against Jimmy Carter’s White House


from True Pundit:

Shocking revelations are surfacing against the FBI’s star witness who went undercover to infiltrate the Donald Trump campaign.

“The FBI and DOJ want you to believe Stefan Halper is just a pudgy professor who bumbled his way into the Trump campaign,” said True Pundit’s Thomas Paine. “It turns out Halper has been a CIA insider and soldier for 50 years.”

Paine said on his inaugural podcast — The Thomas Paine Podcast —  that Halper ran an almost identical illegal Intel operation against President Jimmy Carter’s 1980 presidential campaign.

“They took Halper out of mothballs to run the same Op against Trump,” Paine said. “But it gets much worse, that’s not even the troubling part.”

After Halper helped his mentor George H.W. Bush win the vice presidency by defeating Carter, Halper worked from inside the White House to help undermine Ronald Reagan — and boost the profile of Bush. And while Halper was employed inside the White House he was setting up a mob-funded bank that funneled untold millions of dollars to Bush cronies and the Iran Contras for the CIA.

Even when Bush was elected to take the mantle from Ronald Reagan as president, Halper was working as a White House fixer and deep-state liaison, Paine said.

That was before Halper was busted on a crack cocaine charge, an arrest the Justice Department helped smooth over in court, Paine said.

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