Broken Record: Left Continues to Smear Voters as Racist Bigots After Election Loss


by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Prominent leftist political figures in the UK reacted to the Labour Party’s massive election loss by once again smearing voters as racist bigots, which is one of the reasons why they lost the election in the first place.

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won a resounding victory last night, defeating Labour who ran on a hard left manifesto under their leader Jeremy Corbyn.

But instead of using the defeat to take a moment of reflection and re-assess their messaging, many leftists angrily lashed out and insulted the very people who they should be trying to reach.

Journalist Paul Mason claimed the result represented “a victory of racists over people of colour,” while James Felton slammed “older voters,” who he claimed only voted for Boris Johnson because he “isn’t afraid to say those racist things you enjoy.”

Andrew Doyle summed up the stupidity of the reaction;

“If you smear the working class & elderly as racist & stupid, you’re a bigot. If you see fascism everywhere in one of the most tolerant countries, you’re a fantasist. If you have contempt for democracy, you’re an elitist. Above all, you’re the reason the left continues to lose.”

David Baddiel was one of few prominent leftists to realize that the tactic of constantly insulting your own potential voters isn’t a winning election strategy.

“This is unbelievably patronising,” he tweeted. “The No. 1 thing the Crank Left need to understand is that them losing does not mean the people, the very people they claim to champion, are stupid, or brainwashed, or perverse. *They* need to change, not the people.”

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