An American Was Just Killed In A Rocket Attack In Iraq Just After Pompeo Set The Stage To Blame Iran


by The Last American Vagabond, Activist Post:

Has a false flag been launched in Iraq? It’s being reported that a U.S. civilian contractor has been killed and U.S. servicemen have been injured in a rocket attack at an Iraqi base.

The Last American Vagabond reviews the many times we have heard about alleged attacks that have not been proven other than the “anonymous military sources” always quoted by the mainstream media.  However, this time the Iraqi military did corroborate that a number of “missiles” struck near Kirkuk, resulting in one death and many injuries.

Perhaps most tellingly, this event comes directly on the heels of Mike Pompeo drumming up support for the idea that Iran is an imminent threat to America and American interests. What comes next?

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 12/26.

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