WaPo Prints Blatantly False Article: ‘Barack Obama, Conservative’


by Alicia Luke, Freedom OutPost:

Barack Obama is a ‘conservative’ compared to today’s ‘radical’ Democrats, so says the Washington Post.

Washington Post editor David Swerdlick said in an opinion piece that former President Barack Obama was often misunderstood by both the right and the left. He notes that Obama’s progressive critics were often turned off by his calm demeanor and gradualist approach to public policy and that those on the right unfairly attacked him as a “radical.”


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The front of Sunday’s Outlook section in The Washington Post is a complete spit take. There in bold type is the blatantly false headline “Barack Obama, conservative.”

David Swerdlick is an employee of the Post’s Outlook section, so this isn’t some freakish freelancer. At first glance, this article seems like an obvious ploy to explain away just how radical the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates are by comparison. Here’s the thesis:

“This is still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement.”

That remark helps explain why so many of the candidates’ proposals seem so far to the left of Obama. The former president was skeptical of sweeping change, bullish on markets, sanguine about the use of military force, high on individual responsibility and faithful to a set of old-school personal values. Compare that with proposals from his would-be successors: Medicare-for-all, the Green New Deal, free college, a wealth tax, universal basic income. More

The MSM seems to have lost perspective of how far the leftwing crazy academia, anti-white racists and mentally ill Democrats have driven the party.

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