The Traitorous CIA’s Role In The Attempted Overthrow Of America Goes Back DECADES Using One False Flag After Another & Their Total Infiltration By America-Hating Communists & Muslims


by William B. Stoecker, All News Pipeline:

– US Intelligence Agency Traitors Have Long Tortured & Murdered Americans With Impunity

Many Americans have always been suspicious of the intelligence community, and especially of the CIA. Many suspect that the CIA may have had a hand in the assassination of JFK and other tragic events in our recent history, and, as we shall see, there is good reason for that. The CIA was created by thirty third degree freemason and (Muslim?) Shriner, ‘Demoncrap’ Harry Truman on 7/26/1947, when he signed his National Security Act, which also gave us a peacetime draft and turned America into a militarized state; Eisenhower, years later, warned us about the “military-industrial complex.”

The CIA’s predecessor was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), founded 6/13/1942 and disbanded 9/20/1945 at the end of WWII. The OSS was a wartime spy and direct operations agency, and it was modeled on Britain’s Special Operations Executive (SOE). Its formation was recommended by Canadian-born British intelligence agent William Stephenson, code named “Intrepid.”

The OSS was led by WWI Medal of Honor winner William “Wild Bill” Donovan. Although he was a well-connected lawyer who had been FDR’s classmate at leftist Columbia Law School, he seems to have been an honorable patriot. He opposed the interning of Japanese Americans (most of them US citizens, even US-born citizens). He quarreled with the truly sinister J. Edgar Hoover, and did not trust the Dulles Brothers, who, as we shall see, were as bad as ‘Jedgar‘.

The CIA’s Jedburgh teams were the forerunners of the Army Special Forces. But, from the start, the OSS hired a large number of lawyers (in addition to Donovan himself). Law school is in no way a preparation for intelligence work…ever notice how many people in prominent positions are lawyers? In fact, the OSS recruited so many wealthy East Coast types that it was sarcastically referred to as “Oh So Social.

The OSS trained communist guerillas, including communist Chinese and Ho Chi Minh’s Vietminh. But then we were allied with Stalin in WWII, and the US was willing to support anyone who would aid us in the fight against the Axis Powers. Not so easily explained is the fact that a very large number of leftists, even communists, were recruited into the OSS.

British intelligence was also heavily infiltrated by communists, and there is at least some evidence that quasi-Masonic secret societies have always gravitated to intelligence agencies. The mysterious Serbian Black Hand, who set off WWI, was led by a military officer. There are even rumors that Stalin, before openly joining the Bolshevik rebels, had worked as an informant for the Tsar’s secret police.

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When the CIA was created, largely staffed by former OSS agents, Truman appointed Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter as Director. He had a background in Naval Intelligence, and seems to have been an honorable patriot. In fact, Navy and Army Intelligence had broken the Japanese diplomatic code before Pearl Harbor, and, later in the war, predicted the attack on Midway. Arguably, the US had no need for yet another intelligence agency. Note that federal police and intelligence agencies have proliferated over the last few decades; we now have a bewildering array of such agencies, a bureaucratic nightmare.

In a sense, the OSS and CIA were preceded by such federal law enforcement agencies as the Federal Marshalls, the Secret Service, and, of course, the FBI. Under our late, great Constitution, law enforcement in America is supposed to be almost entirely at the state and local level. But the Federal Government was becoming ever-more powerful even before the OSS.

Eisenhower appointed Allen Dulles to head the CIA; his brother, John Foster Dulles, was Eisenhower’s Secretary of State. Of course, they were from a prominent East Coast family and were corporate lawyers, and Allen Dulles was a Princeton graduate. Of course. He served in the OSS during WWII, was, like his brother, an interventionist neocon before the term began to be used, and became the head of the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) a special club for members of our arrogant, corrupt elite.

Dulles was responsible for a good deal of disastrous CIA meddling in the internal affairs of other nations, including the failed Bay of Pigs operation against Cuba, following which JFK fired him. Not long after that, they killed JFK, and his successor (cui bono) LBJ placed Allen Dulles on the Warren Commission to cover up the truth. Virtually all government “investigations” are designed to hide or destroy evidence or at least to get people to ignore the facts.

The geniuses at the CIA failed to predict the communist takeovers of Romania and Czechoslovakia, the Soviet blockade of Berlin, the Soviet atomic bomb, the invasion of South Korea by North Korea, and the Chinese entry into the Korean war. During that war, the CIA had some 200 officers in Seoul, not one of whom could speak, read, or write Korean. In the First Gulf War the US bombed an Iraqi civilian bomb shelter because the CIA misidentified it as a military target.

The CIA engineered coups in Iran and Guatemala, and there is no evidence that these operations or any of the other CIA meddling in any way made Americans freer, more prosperous, or more secure. The CIA was behind the notorious MK Ultra mind control operation, which involved in effect the torture and murder of US and Canadian civilians, and the (almost certain) murder of Frank Olsen, one of their own who they apparently suspected was about to go public, and who knew too much about their misdeeds.

The CIA’s private airline did fly heroin from Southeast Asia into the US, and, more recently, investigative reporter Gary Webb, writing for the San Jose Mercury News, claimed that the CIA was bringing cocaine into the US. The paper fired him and he was later “suicided” with two shots to the head. Our elites just love to “suicide” people.


The CIA Director 9/73-1/76 was William Colby, who had served on an OSS Jedburgh team. An admitted liberal and a Catholic, he was a graduate of Princeton and of Columbia Law School. He forced his fellow Catholic, James Jesus Angleton, to resign from the agency. Angleton, head of counterintelligence, was a Yale graduate and a member of Skull and Bones, like the Bushes and John Kerry and so many of our would-be masters.

Angleton was convinced that the CIA was infiltrated by Soviet moles, and he may have been right; at least one of them, Aldrich Ames, was caught, tried, and sent to prison, as was Soviet spy Robert Hanssen of the FBI, who spied for the enemy for 22 years. A former CIA officer, Joseph B. Smith, told Congressional investigator Gaeton Fonzi that Colby suspected that Angleton was covering up the truth about the JFK hit, which may or may not be true. On 4/27/1996 Colby disappeared while canoeing on a Potomac tributary in Maryland. His body was found later and the death was ruled an accidental drowning. Maybe, maybe not.

Allen Dulles also orchestrated the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird beginning in the nineteen fifties, which fed information (and disinformation) to the media. Willing accomplices of the CIA were such media giants as William Paley (CBS), Arthur Sulzberger (New York Slimes), and Phil Graham and Alfred Friendly (Washington Pest). More recently, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, a homosexual like so many of them, interned with the CIA before being given a job in the “news” business. He was born in New York City, was a Yale graduate (Bonesman?) and was related to the old money Vanderbilt clan. Typical. So if you wonder why it is that the talking airheads of the slimestream media use the exact same phrases and slogans on every network at the same time, it is likely because their talking points are fed to them, probably by the CIA.

There is reason to believe that outright communists and Muslims, people who wish to destroy what remains of our Republic, have been infiltrating the CIA and FBI for decades. John Brennan, the man whose face appears perpetually contorted by hatred, voted for a communist candidate for President in 1976, but, shortly thereafter, was hired by the CIA, eventually rising to the post of Director from 3/2013 to 1/2017. The FBI’s former chief, James Comey, had also voted communist. Bear in mind that the CIA hired communist Brennan during the Cold War, when Russia really was our main rival and potential enemy.

Note that the leftists and neocons who today tell us over and over that Putin is evil and Russia is our deadliest foe were always sympathetic to the communist government of the USSR. Brennan was very close to Hussein Obama, who was very likely a Muslim, and he learned Arabic while studying in Cairo. In 1996 he was appointed Station Chief for the CIA in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has consistently been pro-Islamic, and many believe that this former Catholic and graduate of Fordham University converted to Islam years ago.

He is in favor of gun “control” and has denied that “jihad” means “holy” war. More than once he has met with the Islamic Society of North America, which is a front for terrorists. Brennan has denied the existence of unalienable rights. If the CIA had all along gone out of their way to hire traitors, they could not have done any worse. Brennan, along with his fellow communist Comey, was involved from the start in the underhanded attempts to sabotage and even impeach Trump. He presently has a cushy job with the slimestream media.

Trump appointed Gina Haspell as DCIA; she had worked directly for Brennan, and headed a site in Thailand where prisoners were tortured. She and Trump have made no effort to purge the traitors from the CIA and other agencies and bring about real reform. The creation of the CIA, along with the Civil War, the creation of the Federal Reserve and IRS, the FBI, FDR’s New Deal, and LBJ’s welfare and voting “rights” acts, is just another milestone on our path from being a free and prosperous Republic to being a Third World Schiff-hole with a fascist government. As I have said before, one way or another, we’re going to have to fight these people.

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