Thanksgiving and Christmas Contribute to Climate Change, Say Activists


by Andrew West, Freedom OutPost:

As the world continues to struggle with what exactly climate change is, and whether or not there is any way to truly prevent it, there are no shortage of opinions about how best to proceed.

Some believe that we are simply doomed, thanks to the alarmist narrative being parroted all throughout popular culture.  It seems that every month there is a new figure for just how many years we have left until it’s “too late”…again.

Along with these doomsday parables, the global warming prophets are now telling us celebrating the holiday season could be contributing to the alleged calamity.

Latest: Thanksgiving and Christmas Contribute to Climate Change, Say Activists

Media reports on this bad news are popping up everywhere online as Turkey Day arrives, including on the Earth Day Network website under the holiday-themed headline: “Don’t let consumerism consume your holiday” and the subhead “It’s (not) a wonderful life:”

One study published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology showed that individual household consumption — not businesses, government or industries — accounts for more than 60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and 50 percent–80 percent of total land, material and water use.

The problem, researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology reported, lies mostly in the carbon-emitting ways we produce and transport all the stuff (including food) we buy. And when we consider all the new stuff we’re going to buy (and all the additional food we’re going to eat) this holiday, that carbon footprint is only going to grow.

That particular article would go on to lament the advent of online shopping, due to the inherent carbon footprint of the delivery infrastructure.

Of course, It only takes a moment to realize that a fully loaded tractor trailer or mail delivery vehicle is going to be more carbon efficient than having every parcel onboard procured through the use of a separate personal vehicle…but that doesn’t make for such a compelling piece of alarmist literature.

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