Tens of thousands of purged Kentucky voters added back on registration rolls weeks before GOP Gov. Bevin LOST his reelection bid


by JD Heyes, The Common Sense Show:

As we have repeatedly documented, Democrats are the kings and queens of voter fraud and other dirty ballot tricks because in so many parts of our country they simply cannot win elections fair and square.

And it looks as though, perhaps, Democratic voter swindling may have played a part in Tuesday’s loss by incumbent Kentucky GOP Gov. Matt Bevin.

As reported by Infowars, just weeks before the state’s Tuesday elections, some 175,000 names that had been purged from Kentucky’s voter registration rolls were re-added as a result of a lawsuit by Democratic attorney general candidate Andy Beshear.

The names had been purged from registration rolls for a number of reasons: Some people had died, others had moved, and still others were simply ineligible to vote.

In a recently recorded phone conversation between a woman named “Tore” and the Kentucky Board of Elections office, she noted that she and her immigrant husband, who is not legally eligible to vote, were both placed on voter registration rolls as “Democrats.”

Worse, neither she nor her husband have lived in the state for three years. And, of course, neither of them has ever registered as a Democrat, Infowars reported.

In her call, Tore claimed she was “concerned about her husband’s immigration status and how the apparent election fraud could impact his ability to remain in the United States,” the news site reported.

Another woman purported to be an employee of the State Board of Elections explained:

In litigation…through the course of this last what’s called “list maintenance”… it deemed 175,000 voters as inactive. And then through litigation, from individual agencies and partners and individuals, that suit required us to add those 175,000 back in.

The employee goes on to to try to explain to Tore that she can’t explain why Tore and her husband, who weren’t on state voter registration rolls in 2018, were suddenly on them now, other than to offer the pretense that they were added back as part of the litigation.

The employee also notes that this is far from the first time something like this has happened.

Something smells fishy

She explained that like every other state, Kentucky falls under the requirements of the 1993 “Motor-Voter Law,” which sought to establish national procedures for voter registration for federal elections. Critics have long held that the law aids and abets vote fraud by making it easier for non-citizens to be registered as part of their vehicle licensing and registration process.

The employee said that a number of times in the past, because there is poor coordination between state and county election officials, too many people slip through the cracks.

The same is true at motor vehicle registration offices, the employee said. Because workers there are often dealing with long lines of people, they try to process customers “like cattle,” and as a result, people who shouldn’t be permitted to vote slip through the cracks and are registered anyway.

As for whether or not Bevin would still be governor today were it not for the re-registration of voters who had been purged from Kentucky registration rolls, that’s a matter of opinion at this point because there is no evidence proving that voter fraud occurred.

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