Protests at Polanski’s Paris Premiere


by Tiffany Fitzhenry, Tiffany Fitzhenry:

From Oscars and red carpets to fire and pitch forks

This was the scene outside of last night’s premiere of Roman Polanski’s latest film.

Protesters held lit flares and carried banners branding the director a ‘rapist’ forcing the disgraced filmmaker, U.S. fugitive and child rapist to flee out a back door. Needless to say, this is not a scene Hollywood is used to…

According to AP News Agency: A group of women stage a protest at the Parisian premiere of Roman Polanski’s new film “An Officer and a Spy” (known as “J’accuse” in French) to denounce the director who has been hit by new rape allegations. Video Credit: AP News Agency

It was only a few short years ago, in 2003, when the mention of his name at the Oscars got a now infamous standing ovation from tinsel town’s anointed Saint Meryl Streep, among others.

Meryl, if you’ll recall, also had a legendarily cozy relationship with notorious sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, even calling him God.

If Harvey Weinstein is your God, that’s your first clue that you actually live in hell.

Back to Polanski. Things have been heating up around the disgraced director recently. This past week on the View Donald Trump Jr. got into a heated dust-up with Whoopi Goldberg over her defense of Polanski in which she dismissed his drugging and sodomizing of a 13 year old child saying, “it wasn’t rape rape.”

Just a few days ago Polanski was accused of an “extremely violent rape” in 1975 by a woman who had just turned 18.

This is the 6th woman to publicly accuse Roman Polanski of sexually assaulting them as a teenager.

Whether we’re talking about the sick sadistic actions of Roman Polanski or Harvey Weinstein there is a critical mental bridge I want you to cross. It’s that this is not about individuals.

Yes, we are beginning to understand how from Hollywood to Media to Washington, the halls of power are lined with the sickest criminal dregs of society. We are beginning to suspect that being atop NBC, like Matt Lauer, or CBS, like Les Moonves, somehow requires being a sexual deviant…

Spoiler alert, it does!

But I want you to realize something, today, right now. That the rich, powerful and influential you are taught to worship all turning out to be deeply compromised people is not an accident.

It is by design!!!

It is by design that criminal child pornographers and pedophiles have ascended to the highest stations in the closed power systems of Hollywood, Washington and Media. Why? Because whatever influence they garner can always be controlled.

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