Just What We Need: Billionaire Scolds


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

As expected Michael Bloomberg is in the Democrat primary race.

Let’s see what we have here.

He made his money off a monopoly business. That’s what the Bloomberg terminal basically is.  Oh, you say it’s not?  Well show me who else has a similar service and data sources on trading desks.  Uh huh.  How’d that nearly-universal thing happen?  Shall we dig into that?

Second, he thinks, as a function of his wealth and former political power as a mayor, that he knows better than everyone else and worse, is not only qualified he has the right to tell you what you can and cannot eat and drink.  Remember his soda tax and bar on larger cup sizes?  Is obesity a problem?  Yes.  Does this give government the right to impose, under penalty of law, a requirement that you not do something unhealthy?  You want that in the ***** House?

Third, haven’t you had enough of billionaires who don’t give a **** about the monopolist health care system that is destroying not only your health but this nation?  Why hasn’t one of these rat bastards actually done something about it when they have been in a position of political power to do so? 

And finally, if you think the media isn’t a carved-up monopoly, you should note that the memo sent out by Bloomberg the “news” organization explicitly stated that it is their long-standing policy not to investigate their journalistic rivals.  That one clear and unambiguous statement of collusion between alleged competitors in the memo alone should result in an instantaneous criminal indictment under 15 USC Chapter 1 aimed at not only Bloomberg but also Reuters and CNBC.  If you haven’t figured out by now that being an oligopolist is just one small breath removed from being a monopolist, and that all of this is supposed to be illegal but is never prosecuted, and that is how billionaires become and remain same you’re not very bright.

Never mind the other obvious conflict — running for public office while owning a media company reporting on your competition, which it says now it will partially suspend — against other Democrats, of course, but not Trump.  Yeah, that’s a good idea — can we call that “election interference”?

**** him.

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