“It’s Okay To Be White” flyers found at Western Connecticut State University — POLICE INVESTIGATING


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

This story is a synopsis of everything that is wrong with American in 2019.

Would “It’s Okay To Be Black” flyers be drawing a police investigation at Western Connecticut State?

Color me skeptical.

What has happened to free speech in America?

Now the only protected free speech is that which strictly adheres to the liberal code of ethics, and this does not.

Is this going to be considered hate speech?

These are flyers.

No property was damaged and, other than not getting University approval, no laws seem to have been broken.

Here we go with another KILL WHITEY story.

WFSB Eyewitness 3 News reports:

DANBURY, CT (WFSB) — The president of a local university said hate-filled flyers were randomly distributed throughout campus on Thursday night.

Western Connecticut State University President John Clark said he is shocked and saddened about the flyers and inscriptions found on university property.

The flyers had “It’s Okay to be white” written on them, according to WCSU officials. 

An investigation is underway involving Danbury police, CT State Police, and the FBI, where surveillance footage will be reviewed.

Interviews with anyone who may have witnessed the behavior will also take place.

“Have no doubt that we are treating this as an attack on our university community and making every effort to see that those responsible are caught and properly punished. I am fully committed to the absolutely necessary goal this does not happen again. We must be ever vigilant to protect our university against these hateful attacks,” Clark said in a letter.

Anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious should call university police at (203) 837-9300.


Please write that phone number down in case you hear anything because we can’t let white people get away with such a hateful statement as, “It’s Okay To Be White.”

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