It Would Be ‘Almost Impossible’ For Jeffrey Epstein To Commit Suicide, Former Prisoner At His Facility Says


from True Pundit:

A former inmate at the facility where billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died is casting doubt on the official narrative that he took his life in a Manhattan jail cell, noting that it would have been “almost impossible” to commit suicide inside the federal detention facility.

Epstein was found unresponsive inside his cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan and was declared dead after being taken to a nearby hospital. There was some immediate doubt cast on the manner of death, as Epstein had recently been placed on suicide watch and the facility where he was being held did not have a death by suicide in more than a decade.

Richard Stratton, a former inmate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, said in an installment of the podcast Epstein: Devil in the Darkness that he believes the wealthy financier was murdered. Stratton said that the security in the federal detention center was so high, a suicide could only take place if the staff were in on it.

“After having spent over two years in that institution, then another additional six years in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, I’ve come to conclude that nothing that happens in that system, in particular with a high profile prisoner like Jeffrey Epstein, happens without the full awareness and complicity of staff,” he said in the episode. “It’s my opinion and based on my experience that Epstein was murdered.”

Attorney Spencer Kuvin is also skeptical of the official story. Kuvin represented many of the victims from Epstein’s 2008 conviction for soliciting an underage prostitute and spoke out in the podcast to question whether Epstein would even have the ability to take his life in the highly secured facility.

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