by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Left-wing groups are finally figuring out that the FBI and law enforcement are not protecting them any more than they protect right-wing groups.  That’s because the FBI serves the ruling class.  Is the left finally catching on to scam that is the government?

One group is complaining that the FBI is disproportionately targeting left-wing activists, even though they say right-wing extremism poses a far greater threat to national security. Defending Rights & Dissent, a civil liberties left-wing group, cataloged known instances of First Amendment abuses and political surveillance by the FBI since 2010. The organization found that the feds devoted disproportionate resources to spy on left-leaning groups, including Occupy Wall Street, Abolish ICE, and various anti-war movements.

The FBI is not in the job of protecting you. They’re in the job of protecting the ruling class system. So they don’t focus on things that really harm us. They don’t care about us. They care about maintaining the current power structure.

Finally. Someone had to say it. It isn’t right vs. left. It’s us vs. them.  It’s the masters vs. the slaves. It’s the government vs. the rest of us. It’s the wealthy ruling class vs. the impoverished “middle” class.

DISCLAIMER: The following video is not appropriate for those at work or small children.  It contains profanity and harsh language that could upset some.  Watch at your own discretion.


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