EXCLUSIVE | CNN Whistleblower: Liberal Media’s Charlottesville Hoax Was My ‘Red Pill’ Moment (VIDEO)


by Alicia Powe, The Gateway Pundit:

The media, with “fake news” CNN leading the charge in conjunction with the Democrat Party, is continuously pumping out propaganda to convince the American people that President Donald Trump and his supporters are racist “white supremacists.”

Even to those who embrace the results of the president’s policies, the fake news fabrications about Trump are so often repeated, half of Americans believe the president is racistparticularly blacks and Hispanics.

But the imaginary fears and slander projected upon Trump by CNN revealed much more about the real enemy of the American people, and prompted one of the network’s employees to blow the whistle.

Cary Poarch, the former satellite uplink technician at CNN’s Washington, D.C. bureau who secretly recorded hundreds of hours of undercover footage exposing the vehement, anti-Trump bias of the network’s executives, says CNN’s effort to smear the president as racist ushered in a life-altering “red pill” moment of extraordinary clarity.

“There was multiple little – I call them grains of rice — that led to the tipping of the scale,” Poarch explained in an exclusive interview with The Gateway Pundit.

“‘Let’s cover the story in this light, this way or that way, to cast the president or Republicans in a certain light,’” Poarch said, describing CNN President Jeff Zucker’s routine of directing his staff to bombarding viewers with propaganda. “I thought that was obviously kind of weird because I always like to pride myself as a seeker of truth – whatever the facts are let’s get them out and go from there.”

“Even though I didn’t like the president,” he continued. “I just thought that was kind of weird that a major media company would be trying to tip the scale. That kept my antenna up.”

Poarch was on the ground in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017, covering the “Unite the Right” rally when white nationalists arrived to demonstrate against the removal of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Following the riot, President Trump explicitly condemned white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan.

“Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans,” Trump declared in a televised statement from the White House.

He doubled down on his condemnation of racism at a press conference at Trump Tower in New York the following day, using the phrase “very fine people” to refer to non-violent demonstrators who were protesting against the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee from a public park. He added: “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally.”

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