Discredited SPLC now claims group of singing nuns is a “hate group” … while bigoted, violent Leftists are characterized as “tolerant”


by JD Heyes, Natural News:

The Southern Poverty Law Center is regularly cited by Leftist Democrats and their like-minded propagandists in the “mainstream” media as ‘the authority’ on “hate groups.”

But the fact is, the SPLC is the real hate group. There are nothing but haters who work for this organization, and this becomes obvious when the group is scrutinized.

What do the Leftist Marxists at SPLC hate the most? America, and everything American.

They hate traditional American values. They hate traditional American culture. And they hate any American who cherishes both.

The SPLC particularly hates Christianity, the religion upon which America was founded, and there are several examples of this.

The most recent one involves the SPLC’s trashing of traditional Catholicism as “radical” and “anti-Semitic,” neither of which are true, of course.

From the hate group’s website: 

Adherents of radical traditional Catholicism, or “integrism,” routinely pillory Jews as “the perpetual enemy of Christ” and worse, reject the ecumenical efforts of the Vatican, and sometimes even assert that recent popes have all been illegitimate. These groups are incensed by the liberalizing reforms of the 1962-65 Second Vatican Council, which condemned hatred for the Jews and rejected the accusation that Jews are collectively responsible for deicide in the form of the crucifixion of Christ.

Well, okay, the Jews handed Christ over to the Romans for execution, so there’s that. But “hatred” is inaccurate; true Christians don’t ‘hate’ because the religion forbids it. And Christianity does not teach hatred — of Jews or anyone. 

You know what religion does teach hatred of all non-believers — more popularly known as “infidels?” Islam. But no; traditional Catholicism is “hate.” 

This group is pathetic

As The Gateway Pundit points out, the SLPC also believes that the Singing Nuns are a ‘hate group.’

Nuns. Who sing. Traditional Christian songs:

The Singing Nuns are traditional Catholic Sisters, members of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen. In other words, they wear their full-length blue habits all the time — not just on special occasions or when they are singing. Their motherhouse, St. Michael’s Convent, is located at Mount St. Michael, just north of Spokane, Washington.

The last profession that teaches hate is that of a Catholic nun — or a priest, for that matter. (Related: EXPOSED: The SPLC is a hate group pretending to be an anti-hate group.)

But again, this isn’t the SPLC’s first foray into hating on Christians. An employee of of the Washington, D.C.-area Center for the LGBT Community, Floyd Corkins II, went to the Family Research Council’s office in the nation’s capital in 2012 and started shooting the place up, striking a security guard in the arm. Fortunately, no one was killed.

But Corkins, according to Legal Insurrection, had been complaining about the FRC before the shooting. And lo and behold, we find out that he got his negative information about this “hate group” from none other than the SPLC.

“In a chilling new Federal Bureau of Investigation interrogation video just released, Floyd Lee Corkins, who stormed the Family Research Council’s (FRC) headquarters on August 15, 2012 and started firing, says that he picked his target from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) website,” the FRC said in an April 2013 statement.

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