Big Tech is now banning ALL “unauthorized comments” about vaccines, including vaccine ingredients, side effects, autism, etc. – censorship is about way more than just politics!


by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

It is fast becoming a digital “crime” to even just comment on social media with opinions that the Big Tech “deep state” says are “inaccurate” or “offensive.”

Whether it is honest expressions of skepticism about vaccine safety or basic questions about the biological inconsistencies of transgenderism, Big Tech corporations want these and other “politically incorrect” responses to vanish from their platforms because of the “damage” they’re causing to the globalist narrative.

Expressing opposition to posted articles on Facebook or tweets on Twitter about the “benefits” of vaccination, for instance, now have the very real potential to land you in online “prison.” Even just responding with images of or links to vaccine package inserts, which detail the many deadly side effects of vaccines, is now regarded as “fake news” by the tech overlords, and worthy of punishment.

Right this very moment, the tech cabal – this includes Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Amazon, and Apple – is developing new ways to axe users from their platforms for saying pretty much anything that defies what the government claims is true or not true – because the government is “god,” in case you didn’t know.

De-platforming is the quickest and easiest way for these tech giants to silence the types of free speech they abhor, including all criticisms of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), 5G wireless technology, endless war in the Middle East, the LGBTQP agenda – P stands for pedophiles – and many other hot-button issues in the news today.

“The goal of the tech giants, simply stated, is to obliterate human knowledge and enslave humanity under endless layers of engineered disinformation and propaganda that makes humans easier to control (or kill, as the climate activists are now demanding with their depopulation agenda),” warns Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

The tech giants already have mechanisms in place to punish users for “wrongspeak” with regard to controversial subjects like the transgender indoctrination of children. And it is only a matter of time before they start punishing users for other things like questioning the use of toxic glyphosate (Roundup) as a pre-harvest desiccating agent.

Talking about the dangers of 5G is another area where we expect Big Tech to start implementing crackdowns, whether that means de-platforming, shadow-banning, or complete demonetization.

As Adams warned back in 2018, this selective censorship by the tech cabal is in clear violation of the RICO Act, which prohibits organized criminal conduct like this that seeks to stamp out the First Amendment, at least online.

“The internet Dark Ages has now descended upon us, where radical left-wing tech giants run by deranged, mentally ill communists will decide whether your content qualifies as ‘hate speech,’” says Adams. “What is hate speech? It’s anything uttered by a conservative.”

“Hate speech” also now includes anything uttered by anyone who refuses to accept as truth the endless lies spewed by the mainstream media about pretty much every known topic. This includes not just politics but also medicine, agriculture, science, technology, and even race.

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