Why You NEVER Trust Social Media


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Not even if it’s my stuff being made “viral.”

When the call went out for a Florida veteran’s funeral on Oct. 1, the brief obituary noted Edward Pearson had “no immediate family” and invited anyone in the area to attend so Pearson wouldn’t be buried alone. The notice went viral and thousands showed up to pay their respects.

Not among the scores of mourners? The man’s two – living – sons, who say their dad walked out on them as teenagers.

Social media is a cancer.  It is a metastatic monster that consumes your mind and soul.

It seeks to take it over for the purpose of selling you things.

All marketing is about some aggrandizement these days.  The car ad that features the sexy babe, implying you’ll get laid if you buy that fancy car.  Not even a lowly refrigerator is advertised on its energy efficiency which will save you hundreds of dollars over its service life — nope, it’s the sexy Facebook app on the screen built into the front that, incidentally, also spies on you via its built-in camera and tells Amazon exactly how much food you have in there and what it is.

None of that, of course, is disclosed.  Just the sexy part.  Well, the I promise you’ll be sexy if you buy this part.

Which is a lie, of course.

This man was a veteran, but his being alone was a consequence of his choices.  For whatever reason, good or bad, he walked out on two sons.  Then he let those sons believe he was dead.

I do not sit here in judgement of either his sons or him.  I don’t know the circumstances, and neither do you.  He might have been entirely justified in what he did, or not at all.  He might be the biggest jackass ever, despite his military service.  Or maybe not.  Maybe his ex ran off with the milkman and the two of them forcibly ejected him from his sons’ lives.  Or maybe he was a five-alarm *******, screwed a girl he met in a bar, walked out on his family and didn’t give a wet crap from that day forward.

I don’t know.

You don’t know.

But what we now do know is that he was not alone, other than by choice.

You were sold a lie.

And many, more than 1,000 people, showed up as a result of that lie.

They “paid tribute” based on a manufactured line of bull****, which “social media” sold you, along with all the other things they sold you during that time.

Facesucker clandestinely causes you to spend roughly $1,000 per person a year that you would otherwise not spend.  That’s a rough guess based on the ~$100/person/year they “make” on their “advertising.”  It’s simple math — advertising has to return more in profit than it costs or you’re functionally insane to engage in it.

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