Verizon Offers 5G Subscribers Free Disney+. No Studies Show 5G is Safe. American Academy of Pediatrics Warns Kids More Vulnerable to Wireless Radiation.


by BN Frank, Activist Post:

The Telecom Industry has provided NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe.  Many doctors and scientists say it isn’t (see 1234).  People and their pets are getting sick where it’s been installed (see 123).

American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts have been warning that children are more susceptible to harm caused by exposure to all sources of wireless radiation.  In fact, no “safe” level of wireless radiation exposure has been determined for kids or pregnant women.

Regardless, Verizon is offering free Disney+ to 5G subscribers.  They’ve also been warning their investors that eventually they may be held liable for harm caused by their devices and transmitters.

From CNBC:

Verizon on Tuesday announced that it will offer its customers a year of Disney+ for free.

The deal will be available to new and existing Verizon wireless unlimited customers, new Fios home internet and 5G home internet customers, the company said. People who already pre-ordered the Disney+ service are still eligible. The “purchase will be put on pause and resume after the Verizon promo period,” a Verizon spokesperson told CNBC.

It’s a world of laughter – A world of tears…”

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