The Alternative to War and Impeachment: LaRouche’s Four Laws


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

President Donald Trump will get nothing but opposition in Washington, for again moving to bring U.S. troops out of the Mideast; only the American people will be happy to see that. And if he is, de facto, cooperating with Russia’s president to check Turkey or other nations there from setting off another war disaster, he’ll be charged with “fawning over Putin.” Whenever the President moves against “endless war”, or fires the like of John Bolton, the war party “blows the whistle.”

The really urgent battle is with Wall Street, where candidate Donald Trump promised in 2016 to “pop the gigantic bubble on Wall Street”, but as President has wandered from that promise. This is a job for those who will support the late economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche. Yet again now, eight months after his death, LaRouche is being angrily attacked in the New York Times, Washington Post, BuzzFeed, etc. as his proposals to stop a financial crash — or a “Green New Deal” — and lift up the economy, are again front and center.

We are already back in 2007 before the 2008 financial crash. That is the last time the Federal Reserve had to make large “emergency liquidity” loans to the Wall Street and European big banks — as it is now doing by tens of billions every day, since Sept. 17. In the next four weeks it’s prepared to have to make daily short-term injections into these banks of another $300 billion or so. Bad debt is hissing out of the “everything bubble” these banks support, just as fast or faster than new-printed money is being pumped into it by the Fed. It’s just as much a financial emergency as it was in Spring 2007 — and you didn’t hear about it in national media then, either.

LaRouche described this pre-crash phenomenon 25 years ago, calling it “a typical collapse function”. More important, he called it out precisely in 2007 (in a July international webcast that year), and he laid out how to stop it.

Restoring the Glass-Steagall Act to break up Wall Street’s huge combinations of speculating divisions, and protect only the commercial lending parts, became the first of LaRouche’s Four Laws to save the economy and the nation. The nation and the President need that action urgently, now.

In an extraordinary conference in New York City this past Saturday, LaRouche’s decades of campaigning for a Moon-and-Mars mission for NASA and other space nations, and for a crash program to develop fusion power technologies, were convincingly presented as “the necessary alternative to war”. This scientific celebration of NASA’s “International Observe the Moon Night” — “Man as a Galactic Species: The Necessary Alternative to War” — should be watched.

This — that these nations must join in human exploration of the Solar System, beginning with the Moon, and break through to fusion power — is LaRouche’s Fourth Law. It could be imminent now, with NASA working on an accelerated Moon-to-Mars mission ordered by President Donald Trump. But it depends on having the national credit to do it, and therefore on heading off the threatening financial crash with Glass-Steagall bank regulation and a new credit institution for technological advance and infrastructure.

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