Linguistic analysis proves the media is running the exact same talking points as Democrats running for office


by JD Heyes, The Common Sense Show:

If you’ve ever listened much to conservative talk radio behemoth Rush Limbaugh, you’ve heard him play montages of media types all mouthing the same thing when it comes to how they discuss certain political issues.

They frame the issue the very same way. They use the same phrases. They use the same words. They all say the very same things.

How is that possible in a world where media organizations are ‘independent’ and competing against each other for viewers?

Well, it’s not possible if the various Washington establishment media outlets were truly independent or legitimately competing with each other for scoops and stories.

So that means only one thing: The so-called “mainstream media” is really just a singular entity, all pushing the same story for a reason: They are crafting a narrative they want us, the news consumers, to believe and adopt.

In the age of President Trump, the mainstream media has adopted a distinct bias against him — not just because he’s not a Left-wing Democrat, whom they prefer, but because he’s a different kind of conservative Republican: He’s not even from the Washington D.C. political establishment. And thus, he’s a bigger threat to the status quo they love and seek to protect.

Think we’re off-base here? Not at all. In fact, there is evidence to back up what we have asserted, thanks to the always fine work of the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters organization:

Television journalists these days sound so similar to Democrats on impeachment that it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart. Weeks before the impeachment inquiry was even announced, talking heads were passing off Democratic talking points as objective information about the President’s alleged wrongdoing.

Check out the media montage NewBusters put together:


That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? How can that be accidental?

But there’s more to this story, as NewsBusters points out.

Fake news, false narratives all to help Democrats

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni and Politico’s chief political correspondent, Tim Alberta, both cited language lifted from a Democratic National Committee press release, verbatim, on Oct. 3. (Related: Our warfighter president trolls lunatic Democrats and their media propagandists with this epic tweet.)

Bruni made an appearance on “CNN Newsroom” and Alberta appeared on MSNBC’s “11th Hour” to both assert that Vice President Mike Pence’s stated ignorance about President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian leader did not “pass the smell test” — just a day after the DNC published a press release that was titled, “Pence is an Accomplice to Trump’s Abuse of Power and his Denials Don’t Pass the Smell Test.”

Also, just after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on Oct. 4, made allegations that President Trump “betrayed” his “oath of office,” NBC’s Chuck Todd made exactly the same accusation on the “NBC Nightly News” broadcast as though it was his own viewpoint: “What [Trump] has admitted to in the last 48 hours is essentially violations of his oath to the Constitution.”

And as you hear in the video above, many in the mainstream media have claimed that Trump is involved in a “cover up.”

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