FRUSTRATED? Me Too: Where Do the “Insurance Policies” End?


by Mark L., SGT Report:

You’ve seen the headlines…..

The deep state is in a panic! Arrests coming soon! 10,000 indictments!

I don’t see any signs of panic. I don’t see fear.

All I see from the media and the democrats, (apos for the redundancy), is defiance.

I see RINO slobs going home to spend time with family.

Where’s the grit?

I’m going to share some memories. No links, because you either know, or you can look it up.

I remember……

When president Soetoro insisted on being the trigger man on putting a bullet through the head of a 16 year old Somali “pirate”, and airing it on national television. Maybe the kid was hungry…….we’ll never know. I felt like throwing up.

When Secretary of State Clinton cackled with glee over Gaddafi being sodomized and slaughtered like an animal in the street. It was on TV. Feel proud?

When president Soetoro and America’s top cop, (Eric Holder), got caught running guns into Mexico.

Was it thousands, or millions? Lester Holt didn’t say.

Mr Obama bragging about funding ISIL, on TV. Oops!

Mr Obama appointing an avowed communist, (John Brennon), to head up the CIA……..where all money is “dark” money.

I think you get the point………..

So my point is…………

Insurance policies were put into place, as we were told by Strozk and Page. But how many?

To what lengths would a president and his publicly funded “private” intelligence agencies go to insure that trouble would never find them?

We can assume that money would not be a problem. I mean, after all, any president that can cull billions of dollars in cash, shrink wrap it, and fly it over to Iran on pallets, in the dark of the night, is not having a problem with getting a hold of “off book” currency.

Before I get off track and start rambling like a racist, I’d like to give president Obama some kudos on his accomplishments.

Accomplishments that are becoming increasingly difficult to find on the internet. Go figure.

How far did they go to insure the last laugh? I wonder.

(see article snapshots below)

So I guess the point is….. We have all stood witness to the utter lawlessness that these people have been, and continue to be engaged in.

The question becomes, “Is there line that they won’t cross?”, or do the insurance policies
include everything under the sun?

Would the cabal have used these “renovations” as cover to hide some explosive goodies for us?

I don’t know, but they are difficult to find on the internet, and they shouldn’t be.

Needless to say, I don’t trust these people, and I think they are capable of doing anything to gain, and keep control of the upper hand.

~ Mark L.