Forget Bugs, Some People Are Now Eating ‘Human Blood Sausage’


by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Forget bugs, some people are now using their own bodily fluids to make ‘human blood sausages’.

Click off now if you’re eating your lunch.

A video out of Spain posted by RT shows blood being taken out of the body via syringe, mixed with grated meat, boiled and then eaten.


The clip was posted without any additional information but it could be related to Raúl Escuín, a woodcutter from a remote village in Spain who makes sausages from human blood, claiming it’s vegan friendly because no animals are harmed.

“It’s something that I have been thinking about since I was a child,” he told The Local. “It just doesn’t seem that weird to me.”

Ok, then.

There’s a “taboo” about this sort of thing for very good reason – it’s disgusting.

As we previously highlighted, not only is the consumption of insects being mainstreamed, but VICE even gave a platform to perverts who use bugs and worms as part of their sex play.

As we devolve into the Clown World Order, things only appear to be getting more demented.

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