A SPECIAL MESSAGE to the Anti-Vax Movement regarding the Super-Vaccination Agenda


from State Of The Nation:

Who among us is not under withering assault by one health concern or another?

Which family in 2019 is immune to the health invasions coming from every direction?

What community in America is free from the ever-growing number of environmental degradations and ensuing medical ailments?

Threats and Dangers

The list of very real health hazards, environmental dangers and other threats to our personal sovereignty is seemingly endless these days.

And, they continue to grow in number and severity by the year, many of the most detrimental and risky occurring completely under the radar.

Those ongoing assaults to health and wellness we do know about are now so ubiquitous that today’s children believe this is the way it’s supposed to be. For example:

• There’s the patently illicit and extremely dangerous military deployment of 5G.

• The very precarious Internet of Things is quickly rolling out along side 5G.

• Highly toxic chemtrails, chemclouds and chemcloud cover are everywhere now.

• Harmful GMO foods have become a fixture of the all-American diet.

• Water supplies across the country are contaminated with fluoride and worse.

• Soft drinks have been laced with poisonous aspartame, HFCC and other toxins.

• Deleterious LED lighting has become the new normal.

• Ionizing radiation is perilously seeping into the ambient environment around the nation.

• Toxic and sometimes deadly pharmaceutical drugs are often the first choice in healthcare.

• Unsafe recreational drugs have become legalized and easily accessible for children.

• Intrusive SMART meters, Smartphones and blue screens have become obligatory.

These are only some of the health dangers and environmental assaults that have become commonplace throughout American society. Most don’t even know about some of the much more lethal technologies and hazardous substances that we are all exposed to. See: Extreme Dangers And Escalating Risks Humanity is Facing Today

• Then there are noxious vaccines. And, especially the exceedingly pernicious childhood vaccination schedules.

Super-Vaccination Agenda

This is where the “SPECIAL MESSAGE” really begins.

Compared to those violations of personal sovereignty on the preceding list, vaccines represent an exceptional physical assault that necessitates their termination post-haste.

These particular types of biological/chemical assaults can really only occur with the consent of the parent of the child, or of the adult receiving a flu or tetanus or other vaccine.

By giving our consent and permitting a child to receive a vaccination, inoculation or immunization, we have become undeniably responsible in the process of inflicting great harm to our children.

This ever-worsening nationwide predicament is quite outrageous and completely unacceptable. Really, how it ever got to this point is a study in social engineering and mass mind control.

More than ever before, this intensifying plight of our children demands immediate attention. Because of how dangerous the Super-Vaccination Agenda truly is, this ongoing public health disaster requires a decisive response from the awakened among us that is swift and sure, serious and successful.

Make no mistake about it, the highly consequential childhood vaccination schedules in force today necessitate an overwhelming response from We the People—that would be US … all of US.

Remember, the governmental implementation of the Super-Vaccination Agenda is a fundamentally unlawful endeavor which constitutes an expertly coordinated and complex criminal conspiracy.

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