The Sinister Messages of “K-12” by Melanie Martinez


from Vigilant Citizen:

Lauded for its “social messages”, the movie “K-12” starring Melanie Martinez is actually filled with sinister messages emphasized with deep symbolism. Here’s a look at the true meaning of “K-12”.

Melanie Martinez was discovered in the music contest show The Voice in 2012. While she was mostly about guitar-driven acoustic music, her sound and image took a different direction after she got signed with Atlantic Records. And it is creeping out lots of people.

Despite the fact that Melanie Martinez is 24 years old, her entire act revolves around over-the-top kiddie stuff. In her videos, Melanie often wears babydoll dresses as she sings songs with titles such as Sippy Cup. However, the subject matter of the songs is nearly always dark and disturbing. Martinez’ first album Cry Baby was described by the singer as being about “a child who experiences adult things”. That doesn’t sound right. And when one takes a closer look at of the contents of that album, things get only worse.

For instance, in the video Pacify Her, Melanie is in a baby crib and attempts to seduce a boy with sexy moves (the comments on the YouTube video were disabled to due a great number posts about her sexualizing children). In the same album, the song Tag You’re It is about her being kidnapped and abused by “wolves”. The video Mad Hatter is about her being “crazy”, possibly as a result of the abduction. Without going in an in-depth analysis of that album, Cry Baby was all about the sexualization of children, the destruction of their innocence and the celebration of trauma-based mind control (which is based on the abduction and abuse of children).

The Sinister Messages of "K-12" by Melanie Martinez

Combining baby stuff with sexual imagery: The trademark of Melanie Martinez.

In short, Melanie Martinez is an industry pawn who is pushing its twisted agenda.

Industry Pushed

After signing with Atlantic Records, Melanie created a persona and a universe based on pastel colors, kiddie stuff and a whole lot of symbolism. If you’ve read Symbolic Pics of the Month articles on this site, you will probably recognize the symbolism right away.

The Sinister Messages of "K-12" by Melanie Martinez

Melanie often does the one-eye sign, proof of industry control.

The Sinister Messages of "K-12" by Melanie Martinez

Here, she uses an eye to do the one-eye sign. Super industry control.

The Sinister Messages of "K-12" by Melanie Martinez

A monarch butterfly on her mouth: A reference to Monarch programming.

The Sinister Messages of "K-12" by Melanie Martinez

Posing with masks representing the multiple alter-personas of MK slaves.

The Sinister Messages of "K-12" by Melanie Martinez

The removal of the core persona – more mind control imagery.

The Sinister Messages of "K-12" by Melanie Martinez

You get the picture.

In 2017, Melanie’s promising career hit a major obstacle: A female friend named Timothy Heller accused her of rape during a sleepover. Heller tweeted:

“I never said yes. I said no, repeatedly. But she used her power over me, and broke me down. Just so there is no confusion, I was molested by my best friend…she performed oral sex on me and then I was penetrated with a sex toy without being asked. That’s what happened.”

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