Report: LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman ‘Implicated’ In Jeffrey Epstein ‘Cover-Up’


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Billionaire LinkedIn co-founder and Bilderberg attendee Reid Hoffmanwho was caught staging a false flag operation with fake Russian bots to influence the Alabama Senate election in 2017, is allegedly “implicated in the cover-up” involving Jeffrey Epstein and MIT according to a new report.

From Business Insider:

Former MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito is not the only person tied to the organization that’s facing scrutiny because of the lab’s secret ties to Jeffrey Epstein. The Lab’s powerful sponsors — including LinkedIn founder and executive chairman Reid Hoffman — have become implicated in the cover-up. 

Hoffman defended Ito to author and fellow MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award jury member Anand Giridharadas in a private email, Giridharadas tweeted on Friday. “Hoffman basically hid behind bureaucracy and the old ‘ongoing investigation’ excuse,” Giridharadas said. “He said it would be complicated to release the correspondence publicly because other names might get dragged in. Someone should tell him about redaction.”

According to Giridharadas, Hoffman wrote in a second email that Giridharadas was making the situation “all about you” by threatening to resign. In the end, Giridharadas resigned.

Hoffman not only sits on the Disobedience Award’s jury, but funds it personally according to the Media Lab’s website. In 2017, MIT awarded Epstein and other donors “orbs” to thank them for their support, according to The Boston Globe. The orb looks similar to the trophy given to winners of the Disobedience Award.

“These elite networks protect each other above all, common good be damned,” Giridharadas tweeted about the situation Friday. “MIT will investigate itself and absolve itself, is my guess.” MIT President L. Rafael Reif announced in a letter to the MIT community that the university’s legal counsel will initiate an independent investigation following Ito’s resignation Saturday.

Ito and Hoffman have a well-documented relationship outside of their work at MIT. The pair spoke on a panel together at the WIRED25 Festival in October 2018 in San Francisco, photos of the event on Getty Images show. Hoffman also once said that Ito “makes well-networked professionals look like hermits,” according to The New York Times. Before his resignation on Saturday, Ito held posts at MIT, The New York Times Company, and the MacArthur Foundation.

The way sophisticated blackmail operations work is that they compromise a powerful person then use the leverage they have over them to get them to compromise others in their circles.

That certainly appears to be the operation Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were running, with Prince Andrew being one of their most high-profile marks.

I’m not saying that’s what happened here but it certainly fits the modus operandi.

This is not the first time Hoffman has been connected to Epstein. A “few years ago,” Epstein attended a dinner Hoffman hosted to honor an MIT neuroscientist, Vanity Fair reported in July. Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk were also in attendance. Both denied having had ongoing relationships with Epstein to Vanity Fair through spokespeople.

Epstein’s work with the MIT Media Lab has tied him to other powerful business figures including Leon Black and Bill Gates, the New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow reported Friday. Epstein served as a go-between Ito and the billionaires, emails published by the New Yorker show.

Leon Black reportedly donated $5.5 million to MIT Media Lab using Jeffrey Epstein as his intermediary. Black is the son of Eli M. Black (né Elihu Menashe Blachowitz) who ran United Brands Company (now Chiquita Brands International) and was caught directing a $1.25‐million bribe to Honduran president Oswaldo López Arellano “in an effort to gain a major reduction in banana export taxes paid by the company.” He “committed suicide” shortly after being implicated.

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