Contributed by Mark L., SGT Report:


Imagine a world where coincidences are rare.

Imagine a world in which our very reality is being manipulated daily.

Imagine a US media complex that has been charged with injecting hatred into society on a 24/7 schedule.

……a media that tells us that half the country is “woke”, and the other half are racists.

Imagine an event of epic proportions……like a nationwide grid failure.

Imagine civil war.

I’m going to digress a bit here and discuss the Orlando Pulse shootings…

We were told that a skinny man dressed in shorts and a T-shirt was able to walk
down the street on a balmy Florida evening, carrying an AR-15, hundreds of
rounds of ammo, multiple magazines……..and that, not only was this kid not
noticed by anyone on the street, but that the big burly doormen at the bar didn’t
notice him struggling to get a hundred pounds of gear past them.

How can that be? Is there a pattern here? By golly….
…there is!

Always the AR-15. Always .556 and .223 NATO rounds.

Always in situations where a long gun makes no sense at all.

So what if we fell into civil war? What if that was the plan?

It might require an international force of “blue helmets” to quell the violence.

Man, the logistics of a “peacekeeping” operation of that magnitude would be

……or would it?

Suppose all of our smart devices were down.

Suppose the troops of “peacekeepers” were still able to communicate.

Suppose all of the ammo purchases had been tracked and mapped.

Suppose they all had an app on their phones that was able to pinpoint, city by city,
neighborhood by neighborhood, house by house, all of the people that had been
hoarding guns……and more importantly, ammo.

What kind of ammo?

Well, what kind of ammo has the media been pushing us to purchase for a decade?
That’s right kids………..NATO rounds.

Have we been tricked into turning the US into an ammo dump?

Well, if I was a planner for the globalist cabal, it’s exactly what I would do.
It’s brilliant!

How could the UN put together the forces it would take to do something like that?

Well, heck, we’ve spent so long spreading “peace” in countries like Iraq,
Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Syria…….that I don’t think the UN would have a
problem enlisting global volunteers to come over here and return the favor.
I’d imagine that even China and Russia would be willing to help out.
But relax…’s just another conspiracy theory.

You know, like MK Ultra.